You’re not lazy. What *really* stops you from your goals

“I have a plan, I just don’t do anything with it. I’m not doing what I said I’d do.”

“I know I need to organize my money; it’s been hanging over my head all year and I wanted to take care of it. I think I’m scared to look at it.”

“I wish things felt better. With my work, I still want two more clients, and to feel good about ending the year, but I just don’t right now.”


I’ve talked to a bunch of people this week since I announced 30 Days to Done (sign up with this link), a program to get your *most* important goals accomplished in the next 30 days.

These peeps are smart, driven, and have meaningful goals they want to pursue. They also have different circumstances: full-time jobs, kids, running businesses, sick parent at home.

But it’s not the circumstances that stop them from meeting their biggest goals.

Circumstances make things hard; they require support and attention.

But they don’t stop us.

What stops us is shame.



Mentally, we know circumstances are outside us.

Shame, however, gets lodged inside; we internalize it. It makes us feel like WE can’t hack it. We feel doubtful and too ashamed to ask for help.

You’re not lazy.

You may have some bad habits, but we all do. I’d watch Veep all day if I could.

Shame is the reason you don’t look at your money. Fear is what stops you from writing the book proposal.

I genuinely wish there was a shortcut, but the way out of it is THROUGH.

Before you focus on what’s next in 2018, the big visions, get the heavy stuff outta the way.

It’s weighing on you.

Isn’t it?

Let’s lighten your load.

There’s no space for ease when shame weighs heavy on your heart.

In 30 Days to Done (click for details) we address the underbelly right from the start so you start with a clear foundation:

  • We start with shame and acknowledge it.
    The heavier you feel about something, the better it is to work on now. What weighs you down is ideal because we’ll start there and focus on it for the next 30 days. In a few weeks you’ll start to feel unstuck and clear. This is the real way to make space for new goals.
  • You don’t do it alone. You get support every step of the way.
    Doing it alone, behind your computer, over-thinking, feeling more insecure is NOT the way. If you could do it alone, you would have. Work with me, your group & accountability coach to get it complete.
  • You don’t fall prey to your habits.
    Private 1:1 coaching and weekly group calls mean you can’t hide and do what you usually do when you feel afraid. When you stumble or hit a roadblock, you get help in the moment so you can take new action.
  • Feel good now.
    Be honest with yourself: If you don’t act on what you’ve put off for so long with a group and coach, when will you? If you’re waiting for a sign, or a moment to kick your own butt, here it is. I know from feeling like shit at the end of the year, I don’t want to feel that way again. Don’t get to the end of the year disappointed in yourself. Why?
  • Don’t wait. The longer you wait, the more pain you’ll feel.
    You already know this, but lets laser it into your brain.
  • Do it with a short deadline, adrenaline, and momentum.
    You CAN do this. The momentum you get from taking rapid action, racing to a deadline, and getting support with your accountability coach every day is no joke. You’ll get a burst of positive energy and automatically start to take more action.

You’re not a bad person who can’t complete what they set out to.

You just need a system.

To show up regularly.

To get accountable and responsible for 30 days.

30 Days to Done is specifically designed for the hard, messy stuff you haven’t completed. That’s the point. Stuff you can do on your own you’ve already done. We reverse engineer your goal to get there fully, not half-way. If you want to sign up, do so today – we start 1:1 coaching next week!

If you look at your actions this week, are you on track to meet your goal in 30 days? If so, high-five. If not, 30 Days to Done can help you get there.

Shame don’t stand a chance. :)
xx Ishita

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