Focus & Get Clear on what matters now

VIP Day Intensive is a half-day (3 hour) private 1:1 session with me to laser-focus on a current challenge you’re facing. Whether a relationship issue, a business fear or failed project, lack of money, confidence, or security – we will work through your problem in a systematic, solution-oriented way. You will get strong emotional support and the insight to solve your problem or reduce it’s impact in your life.

The Deep Dive Intensive is designed for you if you feel stuck, overwhelmed, and helpless in solving your problem, and will give you new, counter-intuitive methods to solve it. The program is for you if you have tried a number of ways to solve your problem, but nothing’s worked. In the Deep Dive Intensive, you will acknowledge hard truths and start taking action right away. You will leave the Intensive with 100% clarity on the following:

1. Find innovative new solutions to your problem.
2. No more spinning your wheels trying to solve the problem with different products and trainings.
3. Laser focus on solutions you can keep implementing.
4. Get more energy so that you can focus on the rest of your life.
5. Get more confidence in solving your problems now and in the future.

Focus. Clarity. Strategy on your biggest challenge NOW

This intensive is where I’ll get clear on your biggest challenge and what is keeping you from the life or business you want to have. We will address your issue head-on and customize a plan for you to reduce or remove the problem in your life. We will strategize, brainstorm, and explore where you want to go and the most sustainable way for you to get there.

If you want clarity, laser focus, and strategy for a specific business or life issue, but aren’t sure long-term coaching is for you, book a VIP Day to get immediate attention on your problem.

Email Support and Access to Ishita: After our intensive, you will have email access to me for one month to sustain the changes we made during the intensive and hold you accountable. I support you as you continue to make the necessary changes to improve your life.

This is my approach to VIP Days and life overall: You should be READY to get coaching, but with an open-mind, ready to confront your fear and habits. If you’re not ready to also take ACTION on your plan and implement, do NOT NOT book a VIP Day; you’ll waste your time, energy, money, and my time! If you want to test out my “style” I recommend getting on the Blazing Q&A Call Series to see if my real-deal, let’s get into it style works for you. 

Let’s do it, shall we friend? Get clear now.
Email me: and we’ll set up a time to speak. It’s my privilege to help you get clear and moving forward.