A 9-month program to build your business step by step.

Do you ever wish someone could explain business to you from the beginning? Slowly, patiently, and without confusing language – just real-world advice and examples that were relevant to you?

  • Do you wish you could run your business like a pro, even if you don’t feel like an expert?
  • Are you afraid you’ll fail or you won’t know how to navigate the awkward parts of your business?
  • Are you tired of learning everything about marketing without getting real results – like REAL money and clients?)
  • Are you overwhelmed by your business & don’t know where to start?
  • Do you want to feel focused and confident in your business?


What if you could learn the MOST important business skills, without struggling to learn it all?

Imagine you woke up with clarity about your business model and knew the clear steps you needed to take to get your business to the next level. Imagine bottling your heart’s message into one that made you money, got you clients and attention, and where people WANTED your services every day.

The Business Breakthrough Group Program is a live group coaching program 1:1 with Ishita to take you to the next level of your business. This customized program gives you clear strategy for your business to make consistent money, make huge impact, without all the stress and struggle. It’s sales, marketing, and getting clients rolled into one program to focus you ONLY on the actions that work, not the other stuff. Whether you want to build a brand, launch a product, or write a book, you must laser-focus on the things that get you results. Business Breakthrough Group is designed to help you stop feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and get you clear in your business. The program is perfect if you’ve started your business and want to grow more clients and sales, and if you want to build your business with clear action steps and how-to’s.

In Business Breakthrough Group, you’ll get clear on:
1.) You business model, target market, and message.
2.) How to build your business in a way that fits YOUR lifestyle.
3.) Results from THE MOST high-impact activities – more money and clients. No more wasting time on a to-do list that never ends or a million different ideas and projects. It’s time to FOCUS. You’ll spend your time in the most effective way possible.
4.) How to stop feeling self-doubt which stops you from taking action.
5.) How to use your gifts and create clear offerings and programs from them

Get a process that works for you and breathe easy knowing you’re spending your time wisely. Go from a lost beginner to confident professional in your business, and get clear strategy to make a profit, build your email list, and get clients even before you feel ready to do so. Learn the most effective sales and marketing techniques, expand your network, and own your position as a business owner. This program is for you if you’re overwhelmed by what you need to learn in business and the tactics you’ve already tried.




These training calls teach you the business strategy and foundations you need to know to clearly and easily run your business. Sales, marketing, email list building, getting clients – we’ll cover it all in our training calls taught live by Ishita.


These live Q&A calls with Ishita are designed for your biggest, burning questions. What if a potential client doesn’t have money? How do I craft my pitch at networking events? How can I focus on the important stuff without getting distracted? Bring all of your questions to these monthly no-holds barred Q&A calls. You’ll get answers, tips, and tools to run your business and supplement what you learn on training calls to get unstuck and help you move forward.


A private community for you to support and encourage your business goals with fellow entrepreneurs. Sometimes building your business feels like a solo journey. But this is path isn’t meant to be walked alone. Join together in a safe space to ask questions, share celebrations, and USE the magic of community to grow your business. There’s nothing like it to take you to the next level.


Get Clear + Focused in Your Business Now
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