When You Don’t Speak Up Because You Want to Protect Them

Here’s an audio inspired by my journaling session this morning. I wrote about my relationship with my dad. Spoiler alert: it ain’t pretty. I’m undoing years of codependency, and the “work” is tough. The clip is informal, me talking for 13 mins; you may want to grab a cuppa tea and take notes.

If you grew up codependent (both hands raised!), or are healing from emotional pain, I hope it helps. I share it because I do this work so I can express myself in a real way at all costs.

Also because I’ve made a lot of mistakes in life which equals a lot of lessons. I really have had to build my confidence over and over again. If I can help you, I’m down. My tools are your tools; let’s excel together.

I’ve decided I’m done sharing things only once I’ve “processed” them; when I feel neat & tidy. Waiting to not feel messy = waiting forever because I’m working on stuff all the time! I’ve already waited waaay too long. You don’t need the full book, but if I get the instinct to share and that it might be useful, I will.

From the audio:

  • How emotional pain turns to physical pain in the body.
  • Why it *doesn’t* protect someone if you can’t tell the truth. Ex: If I want an open, healthy relationship with my dad, it doesn’t do him or me any favors if I don’t speak up because I think I’ll hurt his feelings.
  • How to speak up today in small doses and build your confidence.

I am very interested – like, really – in whether or not this helped you in what you’re going through. Do you want more posts on stuff like codependency, setting boundaries, healing from family or emotional trauma, etc.? I’ve got a world of stuff to say when it comes to it, in addition to leadership & business. Email me what you’re going through or looking for: ishita@ishitagupta.com.

I know we all go through things but we often do it alone, in silence.  

I hope you listen and feel less alone. When you do, go a step further:

  • Take a minute right now and reflect on where you can speak up even 1% more than usual today. See where you want to protect someone, and get the courage to speak up and regain your power.You’ve got this.

If this helped you, it’ll also help someone you love. Share the clip with your sister, mom, wife, best friend, someone you love who’s going through a hard time. Help them feel less alone in one small way today. <3

With love,

xx Ishita

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