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Ishita’s insights into my professional + creative blocks have astonished me, and she has made me value myself and my work more highly. If you’re looking for someone to hold you to your goals without compromise and inspire real confidence, work with her. She is fearless + powerful.


FOUNDER, The Open Heart Project  AUTHOR, Wisdom of a Broken Heart

Ishita helped me get serious results. I came to her with major resistance in my career, but she worked with me at every level to help me push past my self-doubt + fears; In a few short weeks I got my first paid booking! Ishita finally gave me the impetus I needed to create the career I always wanted but I couldn’t see my own blocks until she helped me. In three weeks I broke down my business goals, crafted offers, created a website and had my first paid gig! It’s only progressed from there – I’ve now performed alongside my role model in one of the most respected shows in the city!



The great thing about Ishita and working with her is that she shows up as herself. A lot of people don’t. She brings her full package — savvy, professionalism, gift for hoopla– but she also brings her real self, and that makes everybody else bring their real self too. The work is ten times better + a lot more fun.


AUTHOR, The War of Art + Turning Pro

Ishita has the innate ability to help you see your choices without feeling boxed in, especially when your heart wants you to go in one direction, and society wants you to go the other. She offers real, raw insight because she’s been there before and has been willing to make hard decisions herself. Only people who’ve looked fear square in the eye and done battle can lead with authenticity, and Ishita’s done it 100 times over.



Ishita Gupta is a freak of nature—in the best way possible. Do whatever it takes to make sure she’s in your corner.


AUTHOR, The $100 Startup

Ishita Gupta inspires confidence. Period. She is one of the most connected, insightful, fearless business women I know. She brings her real world experience to the table to help you discover your inner confidence, and she leads by example. Ishita’s accolades speak for themselves: she founded a magazine, launched successful online products, and has worked with and interviewed moguls like Guy Kawasaki and Seth Godin…all without breaking her stride. If you need a speaker, a coach, or someone to bring out the confidence in your or your company, work with her now.



Working with Ishita has been the single best investment I’ve made in my business. Ishita is a strategist, master of the connection economy, and my biggest supporter. My work with her is like my rocket fuel propelling me to a much higher level in my business.



Ishita has a special ability to talk about fear in a way that shrinks its power. As CEO of a fast-growing business, I face challenges that often feel overwhelming. I have other advisors, but Ishita gives me something unique I haven’t found anywhere else – her voice of affirmation + reason stay with me over time.


CEO, ATS Acoustics + Rentals

It took a leap of faith to invest in myself like this, but I’m so grateful I did. There’s no blueprint for an unconventional, entrepreneurial path, and it forces you to look deeply at the work only you can do in the world. That is terrifying. I tried to juggle family + my entrepreneurial pursuits, but felt like I was hiding behind the impact I knew I wanted to have. Nearing 40, I decided it was time to invest in myself and get guidance. Ishita is intuitive and helped me unravel limiting beliefs I wasn’t even aware were holding me back. I’m astounded at the internal and external shifts in just a few short months. Ishita made me feel seen + supported, and I’m now attracting projects, opportunities, and connections in complete alignment with my purpose. I’m also taking action and feel like I’m unlocking potential I’d almost written off for good. Ishita will push you past where you’d go on your own, and excavate your brilliance so it can shine onto the world. I now know working with Ishita wasn’t just a business investment, it was a step toward my self-actualization.



Ishita was right – after 8 weeks I landed my dream bridge job! I started working with Ishita because I didn’t feel like I was living up to my potential. My big problem was backwards thinking that killed my confidence, but Ishita helped me frame my problems differently and taught me how to manage myself even when I felt confused. I now feel confident inside and out, and have developed the emotional security to believe in myself. Ishita reads between the lines and knows how to genuinely guide you toward your ideal self, but also gives you space to be totally honest about your progress.



Working with Ishita has truly been career-changing for me. She has opened up new professional doors by encouraging me to aspire high and guided me steadily toward success. Ishita is that rare phenomenon – a visionary and a pragmatist. Having come late to the online world, I felt intimidated; Ishita helped me conquer my fears and swim comfortably, and even feel tech-savvy –a far stretch from my comfort zone! She balances thinking big with practical energy and is extremely generous with her time – working with her I knew I had her one hundred percent commitment. Ishita will be with you all the way to the finish line and is a total delight to work with.


AUTHOR, Changing Lives: Gustavo Dudamel, El Sistema + The Transformative Power of Music

Since working with Ishita, I feel more clear-minded and like myself in my business than I ever have. Ishita’s gifts go far beyond marketing and business. As soon as we started, I noticed myself taking action on things I had wanted to for years, but never did. She invests in my story and helped me stay true to myself while giving collectors a chance to get to know me better. One of the best parts is that Ishita brings out the best in me, while also challenging me to face my fears. This has not only led to real growth in my business, but has brought a rejuvenated and focused energy to everything I do, professional and personal. I recommend her to anyone who wants to actualize their dreams.



I now have the self-confidence to go out and get clients knowing I have something to offer! I started working with Ishita to decide if I should keep running my business or go back to my classical career. I now know I’ll never ask that question again! I learned so much from Ishita and she helped me realize I was enough (and I finally believed it.) Any momentum I have now came from direct interaction with her and from breaking negative beliefs that were holding me back. I now believe in myself and take so many more chances instead of sitting back thinking there are other people better than me. Ishita helped me take action during the unsexy parts of my business and I would abso-F-in’-lutely work with her again. She is smart and a goldmine of insight and tools and her sweet spot is being a sparring partner, accountability coach, and tough love person all at once. What she had to say made all the difference.



I trust her with my friendship, my business, and my clients. Talking with Ishita makes you excited. She has massive insight about how to handle the fear and doubt part of running your business and she teaches in a way that will make you laugh and cry at just the right things.


AUTHOR, Escape from Cubicle Nation

Ishita is a kickass champion and coach. She helped me get my website up, redefine my business strategy, and make money all while still having fun and enjoying my life.



Ishita lives at the intersection of truth and love. You’ll rarely meet someone who possesses such depth, calm intensity, and the ability to look within you to awaken you to what matters. If you’re ready and willing to make lasting change in your life, the kind of change that will fulfill you and make you feel on fire, work with Ishita.


FOUNDER, The Bold Academy

Each time I talk with Ishita I leave feeling better about myself. I’ve never met a better listener than her – most people are poor listeners, some fake it pretty well, but Ishita takes it to an art form. When talking with her, you not only feel present but that you’re the only other person there. She can do this because she genuinely cares. I’ve had long, deep talks with Ishita and each time left feeling better about myself. I count her as one of my closest friends and trusted advisors.



Ishita helped make my book the most popular Kindle book in the world during the week of its release – she makes miracles happen. But when you look behind the scenes at her passion and determination, you quickly realize those apparent miracles are in fact just predictable outcomes driven by hard work and an infectiously positive attitude


AUTHOR, Read This Before Our Next Meeting 

The Confidence Course’s powerful inner work rearranged my brain and gave me exercises specific + helpful enough to finally make me face myself by taking action.



I woke up with anxiety not knowing why before I joined the Confidence Course. My life felt like it was up in the air, so I joined on an impulse. I can’t even pinpoint where turning point, but the course taught me exactly what I needed to hear and my greatest lesson yet: where to derive my own, real self-confidence from. Ishita had the perfect balance of hustle + faith, and I had multiple A-ha’s build on each other. Entrepreneurs need this kind of inner game building to help your thoughts uplift you, not drag you down.



My experience with Ishita far exceeded my investment. She delivered a kick-ass experience packed with value that ultimately led me to take much needed steps outside of my self-imposed boundaries. Ishita fostered a very productive and encouraging environment for me to share my ideas and go nowhere but up. The passion that she has for her work and clients is evident through everything she does, and I can honestly say my interaction with her has been vital in the development of my future success. Ishita’s hit the “refresh” button on the confidence I have in my vision.



I truly wish Ishita came in a bottle. I could instantly tell that she cared about me and the development of my brand when she created a space where I felt like we were going to come up with amazing strategies and insight, and that’s exactly what happened. I felt so alive after our call – full of possibility and excited about my next steps



Ishita’s class definitely exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it. Ishita helped me get so much clearer on what branding is and how important it is to focus on the details and not just “assume” you know the way. It’s not just about going through the motions and hoping for success – there really is a clear path! Ishita’s tips and calm, reassuring manner definitely encouraged me to pursue my goals further! I got a lot of valuable and practical advice on how to develop my brand and Ishita gets really involved and excited about her student’s projects. Everyone deserves to know what she can teach about personal development and branding. If you’re ever considering taking a class with Ishita in the future, definitely do it.



I usually never buy digital courses but I felt an urgency to get The Confidence Course. I needed to finally get started on things I knew I was supposed to do but always chickened out on. The class was so helpful and Ishita’s explanations made so much sense and were just right for me. I finally realized it was up to me to learn to do it myself, and that things wouldn’t magically snap into place unless I made an effort. It seems obvious, but until someone actually says ‘You have to do it everyday’ it’s not something you think about!



It’s so rare to feel like someone has “seen” you – I never saw it in myself and I didn’t recognize it, but once Ishita saw it in me, I believed it! The Confidence Course was so great I could do it independent of my computer, which allowed me to fully put my intention on just building self-confidence, which made such a difference to me.



I now have a clear sense of what my brand is and what I want to “fix” in the world because of Ishita’s emphasis on developing a brand with purpose. I took the course to gain any insight to strengthen my brand and by defining my core story, I now want to work even harder to grow my brand! What I didn’t expect was the wholehearted support of Ishita and the other likeminded students. If you’re looking only for strategies, this class isn’t for you. Strategies are the easy part – defining yourself and your beliefs is the hard part and where you need to focus. My struggle before the course was to see my brand from an outside perspective. In the class I got the feedback I wanted and it’s been very motivating. I would definitely recommend Ishita’s class to anyone serious about building their business or brand holistically



I overcame my anxiety and drilled down to my purpose of my brand. Before taking this class, I had anxiety about how I wanted to stand out from other designers by focusing on my strengths and personality quirks. I enrolled in Ishita’s course to learn how to effectively communicate my story, and through the advice and lectures Ishita provided, I overcame my anxiety and drilled down to the specific purpose of my brand. Now I can define my target audience and approach them with much more confidence!



I loved Ishita’s class. She asks you the right questions and provided very useful information to help you build your brand. She shares not only her own valuable experience so you learn not just from the class, but also from her feedback to the rest of the students to push them to do better. If you want to take Ishita’s courses, don’t doubt, just take them – they are totally worth it



Ishita forced me to think about the tough but essential questions in my business – cutting deep to the core of myself and my brand. Even if I don’t have all the answers right away, she sparked an internal dialog which helped me see my fear of the unknown. She also helped me conquer my fear of seeking feedback from others. I was expecting more tactics but I think the focus on the WHY and outcomes is far more helpful and requires more time for processing the right way.



Ishita helped me gain clarity on my real goals, set up a detailed plan of action, and get the confidence I needed to push myself and my work forward. Before I started speaking with her, I was anxious about how to communicate my story in my creative work. Ishita did a comprehensive review of my website and gave me high-level advice and specific tweaks to streamline my online presence, and my time with her was invaluable. Ishita gave me the confidence in myself and my work to forge ahead, leaving me energized and wanting to create more. I wholeheartedly recommend working with her to start feeling clear and confident.



ISHITA IS A SOULFUL, IGNITING SPEAKER AND MASTER STORYTELLER. We were thrilled to have her keynote our national conference for women entrepreneurs and she provided valuable insights for our audience of business owners. She was the perfect mix of strategy and motivation, and her experience and charisma made it easy to establish her as a trusted industry expert. Her style is magnetic and she was the highlight of our event.



INCH FOR INCH, ISHITA MIGHT BE THE MOST COMPELLING SPEAKER I’VE SEEN YET. I saw 150+ speakers on our road trip across America for X EVENT, and very few rivaled the energy, intelligence, and charisma of Ishita. Her story inspires and her delivery keeps you engaged at all times. If you’re looking for a speaker to inspire your audience to take action, Ishita is your only choice.



ISHITA’S STORY WAS ACCESSIBLE, RELATABLE, AND TOTALLY GENUINE – she is truly a force for change and authenticity. Like the best stories, her 2012 TEDxTalk focused on the journey, not the destination. Ishita embraced fear as part of her journey and shared her vision for how to use it as a catalyst for revolutionary innovation.



ISHITA BROUGHT A BREADTH OF KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE to the Young Female Entrepreneur’s “Clear Your Fear” panel. Her ability to engage the audience with wisdom, humor, and advice, and her synergy with the other speakers made this one of our most successful events.



I now know how to cope with and manage my uncertainty. I came to Ishita knowing that my life depended on making immediate change, so I set out specifically to work with her on seeing my fears clearly and working through them. Ishita was receptive, warm, and helpful, and I learned what had been blocking and draining my energy for the last year. I now know why things effect me in a certain way and how to manage my uncertainty with the right tools. The most valuable information came directly from our talks and I felt I got tremendous personal attention and time.



I was nervous to do 1:1 coaching, but within minutes of talking to Ishita I knew I was in the right place. I started working with her because I was scared to move forward in my career and had real anxiety about who I was. Working together I realized I wasn’t crazy and how to lean into my discomfort and I saw my struggles were the same as everyone else’s. I straight up love Ishita’s coaching style and sense of humor. I wish I had more time with her because I got so much out of our calls! Ishita’s way of being herself freed me up to be myself more and she says it how it is and talks about fear in a warm, empathetic way. It’s different than anything else I’ve done because it’s real.