The Only Way to Make Money in your Business (You Stop Hiding from It)

Last week we talked about the first 3 business systems (managing your SELF, your TIME, and your ENVIRONMENT). Today I want to tell you the final 3 systems of the Six Simple Systems for Success.

Today’s systems will all help you actually make REAL MONEY from your business. Money is tough topic. We have all kinds of fears about making money, some that we’re not even aware of.

I used to be terrified of making real money. I was afraid to charge my clients and dreaded the question, “What are your prices?” I had a big brand and business, but I had ZERO paying clients. I was forced to face up to my fears when I was renting out my place to pay my bills. All this and I had a business that looked “successful” on the outside.

In order to be truly successful, where my business was sustainable and paying my rent, I couldn’t keep hiding from the money. I worked on my money beliefs and fears and on changing my money mindset.

Fear attracts fear. If you’re afraid to charge, people will be afraid to pay.

I’ve talked to many entrepreneurs in this situation. One of my clients felt so overwhelmed. She only had a couple of clients and was completely afraid. Afraid to commit seriously to her business and afraid to ask for money and price what she was worth. She was totally putting out an energy of fear, which was driving success further and further from her grasp.

Let’s talk today about creating a SUCCESS and abundant state of mind to attract money and clients.

It starts with setting up our business systems.

System #4: MARKETING (systems for exposure)

If no one knows who you are, it doesn’t matter how great your business is. You need to set up systems so that you’re not afraid of not growing, so that you’re getting more exposure from and to the right people, and so that ultimately you can scale.

But, the kicker is, these don’t have to be complex. It can get overwhelming to read all of the “must-do” marketing strategies. Social media…email…sales funnels… affiliates… guest posting… the list is endless.

I found I just couldn’t do everything. So I sat down and really looked at what was giving me results. I started focusing on just 3 things and stopped feeling overwhelmed and like I had an endless to-do list.

Identify your top 3 marketing activities and focus on those. Do you get traffic from Facebook? If yes, great! Do more of that. If your answer is no or “I’m not sure” then stop wasting your time.

That’s it! my clients and potential clients laugh out of fear and resignation and surprise when I tell them this, but it’s true. We laugh together because the nature of success is that it comes from consistency – and since I’m not prescribing a magic bullet, we all better get used to the idea that if you plan on being here for the long haul and running a successful business, it starts with patience and consistency and showing up day in day out.

While it seems like you and monotony have a standing dinner date, your business will always give you the thrill and lessons and flair you need. Just trust it.

System #5: SALES (systems to make income)

You don’t want to try to live your passion while eating ramen noodles every night. To actually making a living, you need a way to turn your fans into buyers. This is the difference between an actual business and a hobby. This is often the hardest part. We feel guilty about charging what we’re worth… or sometimes even charging ANYTHING. We love what we do, we love who we serve so we feel selfish or sleazy trying to charge.

Remember: You owe it to your customers to sustain your business. If you can’t make money doing what you do, it won’t be long until you can’t do it anymore. Then who will you be helping? It’s essential to get in the mindset of selling your services.

System #6: BASIC BUSINESS systems

It’s important while you take care of your business that you don’t get bogged down by the nitty-gritty stuff. You should have bullet-proof systems in place for:

  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • Taxes

It’s worth it to invest up front to get these ducks in a row so they don’t become a headache later on. You want to focus on what you love… so make sure that you have the proper systems in place for all of these.

Plus, make sure you aren’t losing sight of the day-to-day stuff. Keep your papers and emails organized, pay your bills on time, make it to meetings, etc. A virtual assistant (or VA) has been a godsend in my business. She takes care of all this stuff so I can focus on my strengths. As soon as you are able, get help in your business.

To do this week:

I’ve given you a lot to think about so you might be wondering, “Ok, Ishita, what now?” Here’s a little bit of homework to get started:

  1. Read Overcoming Underearning and Napoleon Hill. Both of these were huge for me to understand my own fears and negative mindsets about money. They showed me a new way to look at making money and stop hiding from my potential.
  2. Get your finances in order. This is really scary but so key. Do you know how much debt you have? What about you monthly bills? Take the time this week to really sit down and finally dig in to your finances. You’ll be so glad you did.

I know it can be scary, but once you get this right, you’ll see a huge shift in your business and your life.


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