Waiting around for someone to fix it?

Have you felt stuck before? Where you didn’t want to do anything, especially your creative work because you were just DONE?

I felt like that a lot this year while healing from trauma. I had to RE-learn how to take care of myself and get back to basics because I wasn’t doing what I knew made me feel better – i.e. sleeping early, moving my body…not eating cupcakes. “I feel so energized after Netflixing & cupcakes” said no one ever.

Today’s video is if you need a crash course in re-learning how to take care of yourself, especially if you’re healing and feel “stuck” energy.

My wake up call was one of my friends who keeps it real, thank God. She helped me see I was waiting for something to happen in order to change – for something outside myself to come fix or shake up the situation.

Are you waiting for it to get worse? Or for someone to come fix it?

I hate to admit it, but I was.

There are times when you take care of yourself and it feels good – you give yourself TLC when you’re healing because it really does start there. Stop the world, cry, rest, do what you need to do.

Other times you take it too far and make the situation harder by giving into habits that don’t nourish you: sleeping late, numbing out. You say you need rest, but really you avoid anxious situations that need your attention. This exhausts you quickly, and that’s the moment you start waiting around.

I wish waiting solved it. I really do. But it just gives more of what you don’t want to feel. Watch today’s video to see how I figured out the difference in my life & supported myself at the very basic level.

Do you feel stuck in some area of your life? We all do. I hope this video helps juice you up and stop waiting for someone else to swoop in. Email me and let me know what’s up: ishita@ishitagupta.com. And if it did make you feel better, pass it on to someone in your life who needs to hear this. We all feel that resistance energy sometimes and need a nudge.

You really do have the power to make a change. It’s already inside you.

xx Ishita

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