Upgrade your Money & Get the HELL out of “I don’t know”

If you’re stressed about money – how to get it, make more of it, how to keep it flowing in your life, today’s video is for you. A few weeks ago a woman on a Blazing Q&A Call asked, “How do I make money, especially when I don’t have any prospects?” I gave her a very specific answer that may have felt uncomfortable, but it was the main truth I could tell her.

Note: If you have *not* been on a Blazing Q&A Call yet, exsqueeze me!? I answer Q’s on what most people are stuck on: money, time, relationships, boundaries. If you’re stuck, do something different & show up. Doing the opposite of what you normally do is a great way to get UNSTUCK.

In my calls, trainings, and when I coach clients, I don’t try to make you FEEL better. I try to make you BE BETTER. When that happens, feeling better is a natural result. I tell the truth. That goes for today’s video too: making money and keeping it flowing depends on how you THINK. I’ll tell you specifically how to stop stressing and shift your energy, and give you practical ways to stop blocking more money from your life.

You don’t ever have to trust me. Just try it in your own life and see.

If you’re tired, worried, or in knots about your money, there ARE ways to slowly but surely turn the ship around. Next week’s Masterclass is one of ‘em:

LIVE Training Wednesday, April 18th, 7pm EST, 4pm PST.

Masterclass I: Get Out of Survival Mode and Into Flow with Your Time, Energy, and Money is the in-depth training of today’s video. I walk you through 3 powerful ways to THINK about your money, time, and energy, and how to create more of all three in your life.

The 2 hour training is designed to UPGRADE your thoughts, reduce your stress, and shift your energy around these 3 resources. When you do that, you attract instead of repel them into your life. Right now, how you speak and think about these 3 things is probably NOT attracting them in, maybe even blocking them; especially if you’re worried that you want more or you never have “enough.” Become a landing pad, not a cactus!

But when you USE your mind: harness and control it, manage it and direct it to FOCUS on what you want, that’s when it works for you, not against.

That’s what I’ll teach you, sign up for Masterclass here. It’s free: anyone who wants to upgrade their money mindset can do it. Start with today’s video, go deeper on next week’s Masterclass. It begins only when you take ACTION. You’ll leave the Masterclass feeling:

1. Calm & confident about money, not panicked or fearful.
2. Responsible and powerful with money, not controlled by it.
3. Confident in your ability to earn money consistently / generate.
4. No matter what happens, you know you’ll be okay with money.

Here’s a summary of what I share in the video on how to create more money. This is the foundational curriculum for the Masterclass next week AND the 16 Keys to Life & Business Success I’ll be announcing on the Masterclass.

If this stuff interests you and you want more training, join next week’s class. It’s the foundational mindset training I wish I had 10 years ago. For real!

1. Get the HELL out of “I don’t know.”
If you hear yourself mostly say or think, “I don’t know where I’ll get it” “I don’t know how I’ll do it” check yourself. Step ZERO is realize: YOU are stopping yourself directly from fixing your $$ situation; your words and thoughts themselves are blocking you from possibility. Fix this asap.

2. Get very very specific.
I go very in depth on this in the video. How much $ do you want, by when? For what? People stay vague, “I don’t know” not because they’re bad, but because they’re used to it. Staying vague doesn’t protect you, it actually harms you when it comes to money.

3. Get open with your money: talk about it, look at it.
If you’re hiding from bills, bank balance or debt, it’s a direct sign to the universe you’re not ready to handle more – or ANY – money coming in. Only once you accept where you are can you start to improve the situation; it can happen fast, but you gotta get open first.

4. Start thinking in terms of VALUE, not lack.
If you get down on yourself about money because you feel like a “failure,” all it means is you’re too focused on them and not focused enough on how YOU can solve problems and take ACTION.

Join me on next week’s Masterclass I: Get Out of Survival Mode with your Time, Energy, and Money. Wednesday April 18th, 7pm EST, 4pm PST.

I’ll give you specific ways to manage your money and how to think about it so you first stop blocking it, then wire yourself to attract it. Don’t let the word “attract” scare you off. It’s not so woo-woo, it’s actually pretty practical.

I’ll also share BS beliefs I had about money that blocked me from it, and how I stopped stressing out. I don’t mind getting personal if it means you LEARN from my mistakes.

You get out of survival mode with money by getting your MIND right. That’s how you stay calm when you’re trying to bring more money in. Become aware of yourself first: are you a landing pad or a cactus?

I know many people who cacti their way through life wondering why there’s no results if they’re working so hard. Well lemme tell you cacti! I’ll share 3 powerful mindsets to harness your mind and get yourself ready for dough.

“Got my mind on my $$ and my $$ on my mind.” – Snoop Dogg (better than Euripedes and Sophocles and all of ‘em, if you ask me) :)

$$ Ishita

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