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A new series of personal & business updates, special offers, & random “stuff.”

Some personal updates!
Last week I saw my friend Susan Piver. She spoke at an event with our friend, Jonathan Fields. We erupted into an insane joy/hug dance because Susan is my dearest. I keep a small circle of good friends and my rule is: trust myself. My heart knows who’s good for me at a deep level & often I had to make an effort/take a risk simply because I “felt it” with that person. I literally showed up on Susan’s doorstep 8 years ago. Careful next time you open the door, Piv! Sometimes, people you end up traveling with in life aren’t who you thought they’d be, they’re better. :) The next morning we took the train up to have lunch with Seth. We had dosas if you’re curious.

I wrote this week & made videos. It felt SO GOOD. Sometimes I’m still shocked how simple it is: Do what you know makes you happy = you feel happy! Talk about a formula.

Speaking of posts and videos, next week I’m sending more emails than usual to you. I’m creating content like a MONSTAH & I want to share it, along with a special offer to kick it 1:1 with me next week. I’m also doing a FREE Q&A Call next Wednesday – you can see those details below!

I LOVE spending time with kids, dogs, books, and nature. This weekend I saw my friends and their kids, 4 & 7 yrs old, and they put on such a fun magic show. ENTERTAIN ME! I learn so much from kids – i.e. they make mistakes but TRY ANYWAY. And they say some funny shit.

Note to self: Laughter is my savior. I listen to Dave Chappelle or watch funny comedians every single day. I cracked up at this app that does…er…this:

Not half bad…

Stay tuned if you’re a loon.

xx Ishita

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