The Roundup: Business + Personal Updates

Welcome to the May edition of the Roundup where I give you relevant updates on business + nonsense updates on my life :)

First: personal updates!
Babies galore! Two of my best friends are having babies this year, one in a few weeks. We threw her a Prince-themed shower (purple, obvi) & I’ll brag for a sec: she’s an award-winning film/tv producer and I’ve learned so much watching her professional journey. For 13 years she’s worked hard to reach heights in her industry; if I ever have high-level questions, I go to her. Get yourself a friend who supports you while consistently helping you RAISE your game. We decorated onesies & ate INSANE amounts of cake.

My godson, Leo, had TWO birthday parties this month. He’s turning two so double bdays makes sense, said like the diva aunt I am, I fully support his antics and desire for cake!

I can’t count the number of dance parties I’ve had this month. The harder I work, the harder I dance. And mama’s been working hard. Dance is crucial for me to relieve stress, calm my nervous system and most of all, inject me with an INSTANT hit of joy.

Click the links to catch me dancing to Marvin Gaye’s Got to Give it Up and Arrested Development’s Tennessee.

Business Updates & How to Use the Next 3 Months
If you want to use the next 3 months fully (I’m always trying to feel proud of myself) start by taking action on stuff you’ve put off but you KNOW you need to confront. You know the ones.

In the last two weeks, I’ve worked with three new clients who’re excited, committed, and hungry to USE the rest of 2018. I love READY people. For the next 6 months, we’ll take action in 30-60-90 day chunks to get unstuck in their business (if they run one) or lives (we’ve all got one.)

I’ve heard from all three people, “It’s more painful to wait and do nothing than start.” Yep. There comes a point when you feel small and so frustrated that you’re ready to shift. If you’re ready to DO something, email me: Let me know how you’re feeling and what you want. I’ll do my best to help you get clear in two ways in May:

A VIP Day is a laser-focused way to get clear in a short time. I work 1:1 with you, in your face but kind :), to solve something you’ve been frustrated with. It’s specific, strategic, and involves changing how you think; that’s EXACTLY where real change starts.

  • Yesterday D and I did a VIP Day to help him stop feeling like he was “going through the motions.” We tore into some bad beliefs, and strategized on a project to keep him challenged & taking action.
  • Last week R and I did a VIP Day to build new effective time management habits, set boundaries to not overload, and create a larger plan for her work and purpose.

This is part of my stance, whether we train for a short time or a long time:

  • Where am I making this harder than it needs to be? We turn OFF the perfectionist, censor, critic to take ACTION and move ahead.
  • How do I feel expanded & joyful, not stressed and fight or flight?
  • How can I be honest, authentic, and still attractive to people while going through transition and feeling messy?
  • Do you feel alive and vital with how you’re living/building? If not, something’s up.

I’ve got 2 VIP Days open in my calendar in May if you want to MOVE on something. For the next 3 weeks, I’m ready for ya!

Private coaching is where I train you in high-level business and life concepts for 6 months. I teach you how to sell, work with clients, build systems into your business, network, market yourself, set boundaries, build self-confidence, and develop a kick ass morning and evening routine.

The biggest part of private is me *always* making sure your mindset is wired for performance and RESULTS, not stuck in your fears.

You get a roadmap for the year, we plan it out, and help you execute to meet revenue / client goals for your business or creative/life goals.

Updates, galore!

If you want to talk about your 2018 life and career goals or schedule a VIP Day in May, email me. Let me know how you feel and what you want to achieve. I’ve got two spots in May and I’m ready to DO THIS PEEPS.

I also love to hear from you and try to always respond to your emails. Hearing YOU makes this that much more powerful and worth it.

xx Ishita

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