The REAL reason you want more time & why another 24 isn’t enough!

In today’s video I answer: “How can I find more time in my life?”

Numero uno: Constantly wanting more time wrecks your perception of life. When you’re always searching, your brain is perpetually stressed out from hunting; and even when you do get more time, the second you do, it feels like it slips through your fingers.

That’s what time DOES.

It passes.

That’s a universal law, and I didn’t even need the Internet to know that :)

But always wanting more is a trap! I share how below.


Here’s what I share in today’s video about busting through the time myth:

1. Time has managed itself for a billion years. Stop worrying about how to manage it, and start managing YOURSELF.
I used to freak out about time before I realized the way to manage it was to tie it to ME and how I use it, not something outside to be “gotten.”

2. Make your focus big. Very BIG.
So you want more time. Ok, for what? What happens if you get it? When you focus so much on getting more time, life is small. Big focus means you LIVE life & fill it with high-level activities: deep work, intimate connections, fun. Then time goes by fast. When your focus is small, it’s because you’re not living well; that’s when you acutely feel time slipping by. Think value, not time.

3. You don’t want more time. You’re searching for a feeling.
We’re never more aware of how little time we have than when we waste it – i.e. spend a day Netflixing and see how awful you feel: instantly you spiral into, “I need more time!” because you’re so aware of how much you wasted. Numbing out is a great way to realize how little time you have & how much you want.

Know this: you’re not looking for more time, you’re looking to feel fulfilled, useful, alive, like you’re being challenged. If I gave you an extra 24 hours it’d mean NOTHING if you used it the exact same way. In fact, you’d be more stressed out because you’re not aware of the value of the time you have NOW. What’s another 24 hours gonna do?

No more “I wish I had more time.” If you’re stressed, YOU had something to do with getting here.

xx Ishita

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