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I started boxing this summer.

The studio is next to my favorite sushi spot, so I walk by 3x/week in order to get my salmon fix. That’s NOT why I started, oh ye of little faith. ;)

I joined because I want to feel strong. To push my body to do things she’s not used to so she can get used to it. Plus, it feels good to hit shit. As a small, brown, female, it feels good to know if I’m ever in a street fight, I trained my body to help me flee or buy more time to flee. #SBFforlife!

Challenging myself physically, however, is absurd; I’m the sordid type who distracts her trainer to get more time to rest. I texted him, “Do you remember that?” “Like it was yesterday,” he sent with laugh/cry emojis. HA!

I noticed my Russian boxing trainer, Max gave the same instruction my Kung Fu teacher did years ago.

“Tweest from your cure! Paanch from your cure!” Max hollered.
“Punch from your dantien! Use your dantien!” my Kung Fu teacher said.

“Dantian,” in Chinese is ‘energy center.’ It’s your body’s natural center of energy, located in your lower belly.

When you use your dantien as your source, any technique you throw is automatically packed with more power. Instead of punching wildly from your shoulder (my specialty), twisting from your core with your hips puts the force of your entire body behind your punch. Like a drop of water connected to the ocean, a punch from the core has power behind it that your shoulder can’t deliver alone.

The impact difference is HUGE. When I properly throw a punch, even at my size, it packs power I can FEEL on the heavy bag. When 20 people punch from their core, you hear it all the way outside the studio!

Power, real power, is derived from the inside.


Not limbs.

When you connect to the right source of power, you feel the difference. You see it. You feel it. And your results are better.

Your core is the highest quality source for your life too, not just punches.

Your best source of power is YOU.

Your insides.

Your intuition.

When you source from your inside, you access a level of knowledge and support more powerful than your mind alone. Unlock it and it’ll get you through the hard time or dark night of the soul you may be punching through right now.

It takes years to perfect a punch and FEEL the difference. But once you do you can rely on it forever.

So it goes with your core.

Rely on your core and your solutions will come.

The power lasts.

You’ll get strength when you need to use it.

Deliver from your arms. Source from your core.

Don’t go through life punching and kicking without it making a difference.

You’re always connected to the right power source so make it make a difference. You know what needs to happen and when. The way to do it is to dig deep from your core.
xx Ishita

PS: Video of me boxing. Intentional practice every day.


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