Summa time, feeling proud of yourself, & screw your bad habits!

If you’re in the USA, I hope you’re with your loved ones. I’m in California writing barefoot in the sun, not freaking out that there’s a lizard a few feet away. Not freaking out at all. :)

I know it’s a holiday, but personally, I don’t feel our country is “independent,” given how we treat people of color and immigrants. We’re free from British rule, but we still use those SAME colonialist strategies on people in our country.

I will, however, take the chance to spend time with my niece, Sia. She’s a total trip. 3 yrs old & says, “I wuv you but I don’t want to play with you.” WTF!

I chose to USE my summer to feel proud of myself, do my work AND relax and have fun with friends & family. My twin sister also got engaged and it’s super busy around here! Now I’m in San Fran with my best friend & Sia.

I’m excited to use summer, especially the next 60 days to feel proud, clear, and focused. I know myself: I hate wasting time, even in summer. I like to work intentionally a few hrs/day, focus on priorities, then 100% RELAX. When I know I’ve put in a few good hours on my priorities, I feel 100x better and have more fun. Otherwise, I get antsy.

For the next 8 weeks I’m training you to focus your time on the MOST important part of your life and business: SALES, HABITS, RESULTS.

Below is an invite into the 8 Week Sales Bootcamp, training program that starts in two weeks, July 17th. I’m EXCITED to begin. So pumped that I’m doing a call this Friday July 6th at 11am ET. It’s for you if you’re feeling lazy, inertia, or like you’re giving into your habits.

Some programs I launched this year didn’t pan out because they didn’t have the right energy. I CANNOT stop thinking about Sales Bootcamp; I’ll teach it even if 3 people want to learn. I have SO MUCH ENERGY & I’m ready to dive into breaking habits and inertia/mental loops and get into performance.

We start in 2 weeks, first call this Friday, 7/6/2018 11am ET. This Friday is for you if you’re DONE putting things off & giving into your habits. Details here.

Here’s why 8 Wk Sales Bootcamp Exists:

  • To focus on performance, sales, habits, clients even when you don’t feel like it, especially on hard stuff like pitching & taking action
  • I wanted to do a group program in spring but our website got hacked (middle finger!) & my twin gets married in August! It’s already big fat Indian wedding over here! I want to teach a short, powerful, results-orientated program for 8 weeks prior. 1st call Friday.
  • The ONLY people I want to help/push/work with are a small group of badass people (no bad energy, no complainers). Peeps I’ve worked with in last 6 months have doubled AND tripled their revenue; obviously they feel excited, proud, powerful. I respect and believe in you – I want YOU to feel the same way and I want to feel the same. It’s summer, let’s USE IT to get pumped, not sit around.
  • Short deadlines are my jam. No 5 yr plans. We’ll work in daily, weekly, and in 2 week sprints. Nothing longer.
  • It’s time for strong women and men to TAKE UP SPACE, FIND AND USE OUR VOICES, and SPEAK UP. Whether it’s sales, the stage, or teaching more clients, YOU are ready to get what you want in a world where you have to ask for and fight for it.
  • I needed a kick in the ass this spring and so did many friends. We supported each other, “What about that gig?” “Did you launch your program?” It was EVERYTHING. Our money, clients, opportunities – everything increased. It WORKS. I needed a shake up after healing this winter and to break out of habits that did *not* serve me.

Time to perform even when we don’t feel like it. Shame-free training & weekly support allow for that. Details here. I get crazy on video & walk you through the curriculum. I’m doing intro interviews with people who want to apply this week – just sign up on the page and we’ll set up a time to talk! Energy is really important to me in creating a group.

Being in California in nature and the sun has connected me even MORE to what I’m excited about. Fill up on good juju this week on our Friday call – 11am ET! I’ll be posting about Sales Bootcamp this week and next. If you don’t want to hear about it, you can unsubscribe at the link below.

“Summa summa summa time.” :)

xx Ishita

PS: The Masterclass gave you a brief overview of some of what Sales Bootcamp is all about. I’m GEEKED to teach you to:

  • Create a specific plan for next 30 days, & nurture leads into a funnel
  • Refine how to have sales conversations so they convert better
  • Create a weekly schedule to prioritize money & systems
  • Meet twice weekly for check-ins / accountability; no fucking around
  • Line up clients, sales, pitch speaking gigs for Fall
  • Healing & grief is a part of this, though it’s not on the sales page. I KNOW I can’t create with one foot in the metaphorical past. It fucks me up. This is about performing weekly while going through transition.

PPS: If you want in, set up a time to talk with me about what you want out of your summer, specifically the next 60 days. Think about it and how to get closer to what you want, not farther away. I know what I want, if any of that is what YOU want, let’s actually do it this time.

  • to work out consistently
  • eat healthy and not get wildly bad with my nutrition this summer
  • Help my sis with her wedding & choreograph an awesome dance performance with my family. Jabawokeez style!
  • Teach a kick ass sales training program
  • Create awesome content and videos that are useful
  • Feel clear, proud of myself, have FUN in next 60 days
  • Plant seeds for the opportunities I want in the fall!
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