How to Stop Reinventing the Wheel in Your Business [Part 3 of 3]

Last week I shared with you two keys to amplify your success in business: 1.) First change your THOUGHTS about money in order to make more of it 2.) Second, use a six-figure business model to support making and continuing to make money.

Today I’ll teach you Key # 3 to amplify your revenue and confidence in business: Use systems to stop reinventing the wheel.

Systems are frameworks to track and measure the output of your business, like your results, money or new clients. Systems also measure the type and priority actions you already take in your business – like how much time you spend on Facebook vs. how much time you spend talking to potential clients. Your systems keep you in check and give you a simple-to-follow plan to spend your time wisely.

It’s the systems, not your vision, that gets you to six-figures. A model and vision alone aren’t enough. Systems keep you running smoothly. As they say “Ideas don’t make mountains. Bulldozers do.” It’s your ACTION supported by the right systems that allows your business to function and grow.

You only need 3 systems in business, especially if you’re just starting. If you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, be sure that these three systems are your foundation:

A marketing system: To focus you only on high-impact activities in your business.

 This allows you to get in front of the right clients and people, and stops you from working 20 different tasks in one day, getting nothing done.

A sales system: To track and funnel potential clients so you can follow-up with them when they need your services. This is where you actually ask for and make money in your business. It’s your most important system.

A customer management system: To communicate with, delight, and connect with potential clients and people in your network. Here’s where you build trust, credibility, and authority.

These are my 3 primary systems and I spend time AND money on them. Why?

Because I’ve SEEN the benefit. Without them, I’m unfocused, overwhelmed, and my business isn’t grounded in ACTION. I don’t feel successful. With systems, I KNOW what my primary focus is every day: Connection, Communication, and Revenue.

My systems boost my results, focus me when I procrastinate (I never do that ;) ), and allow money to flow in. It’s how I feel proud + productive. I tell this to entrepreneurs when they come to me with “I need more focus!” “I need clarity!”

No you don’t. You need more systems.

Trying to keep your head above water is not sustainable. Systems are.

If you’re struggling right now, or have been for a while, look at your systems to see if they’re in place. THAT was my missing piece to help me get to real money instead of struggling for another two years. I was flying by the seat of my pants in business, so much so, that when I learned the secret of systems, I spent 6 months JUST dedicated to building them up properly.

So none of us are born with these skills. We need to learn the tools, just like I did, to ultimately get to the success we so want AND deserve.

Here’s how one of my systems led to thousands of dollars of income in my business:

My sales system shows me how and when to consistently reach out to people who’ve emailed me about working together. I know when to follow up, how, and what to say. Because it’s easy, I can reach out often and clearly, instead of feeling overwhelmed. After doing this for two years, I saw that this alone generated at least 50% of my clients. 50% came from this process of outreach and connecting. That’s not a small number! Just last week, a woman I spoke to 5 months ago reached out and joined my group program. Another women who I spoke to last month joined my 12-month program also last week. That’s a lot of income coming simply by reaching out.

So, that’s the HUGE impact of systems in my business.

Another thing that helped was support, to help keep my systems in place.

It took me a long time to figure out all the pieces I needed to finally feel successful. I also started to master these skills in one area and transfer them over to other areas, like my relationships and health. These keystone habits led me to get momentum that spilled from one area of my life to another. I saw I needed:

  • Accountability: I had to hold myself to a high standard and have other people hold me to those standards too. Like my business coach. When I felt like throwing in the towel, she was in my corner, nudging me to stay with it. It was a life-saver and continues to be.

  • Guidance: Sometimes I had no idea what to do in my business. What was the next right step? What should I focus on? Seeking out support, especially for confusing parts of my business, helped me so much. That’s true for relationships too; getting guidance helped me illuminate blind-spots that were holding me back in love and intimacy.

  • Patience: I needed to understand that not knowing how to do it overnight didn’t mean I failed. Patience with myself and with my systems was crucial.

  • Flexibility: Thinking there’s only one way and never backing down is a recipe for failure. I had to develop a flexible, growth mindset about myself and my business and be ready for new ideas, and to completely change course when it wasn’t working.

These skills didn’t appear overnight. In fact, it took a lot of attention to keep going when it got hard. It took even more time to get support. I spent ages thinking, “But I’m smart! Why should I get help?” I spent a year just trying to figure that out!

I want to help you answer that question, and hopefully in less time than I did.

Last week, I opened up my 6-month Business Breakthrough program, to get you from a beginning entrepreneur to a confident professional in business. It helps you get clear on business foundations like how to have a business model where you actually earn real money and how to get clients even before you feel ready to. I give you exactly what I learned to build my business with the most effective sales + marketing strategies, without the information you don’t need.

I basically skip business cards and social media and networking entirely.

I also help you take the information you already have about running a business and re-jigger it so you can start off on the right foot.

I told you here because I want to spark some questions you need to ask about your business: 1.) Am I getting the results I want? 2.) If I’m not making the money I want, what do I need to do DIFFERENTLY to start seeing money? 3.) Do I need a new system and model in my business to help get me to REAL success?

I’ll tell you one thing.

A few years ago, I answered all of those questions with a very long face. I knew I had a lot of work to do to get me there because what I was doing wasn’t cutting it.

So if you DO want to get to success in your business, but you don’t know where to start, email me and we’ll talk about if Business Breakthrough is right for you. I’m talking right to you, if you’ve been running your business for a while but not making enough money or not feeling good about how you’re running it.

Here’s what you’ll get inside Business Breakthrough:

1.) Learn to Create A Success Mindset to Attract Opportunities and Clients

Develop the money mindset you need to actually get to six figures and double what you make now. Learn the beliefs and thinking that lead to more money and clients.

2.) Learn the Right Business Model to For Consistent Revenue + Visibility

Do you have offerings or programs people actually want to buy? How do you have conversations without fear? How do you close the sale without freaking out?

3.) Build Powerful Systems to Feel & Control and Focused in Your Business – This is what we talked about today. Are you focused on your STRENGTHS in your business, or are you just trying to do a hundred things, without accomplishing anything? How will you consistently fill and add to your pipeline of customers every week, month, year so you don’t need to resell all the time?

You’ll also get:

  • 6 Months Coaching w/me: 3 calls/month: 2 Live training calls with Q&A.

  • 18 chances to ask me questions customized to your business

  • A model to create high-impact programs for clients to get REAL results

  • 18 opportunities to get LIVE business training from me and to ask me questions about your business

  • Private Community of high-impact entrepreneurs to network with

  • The right systems to track and measure your money and results

  • Handouts, scripts, templates, and resources for the entire curriculum

  • Lifetime access to training recordings so you can always go back.

So that’s that. If you’re ready to start making money and get the confidence to run your business successfully, let me know. We have a strong group of entrepreneurs ready to hit the ground running and network with each other. With warmth,

xx Ishita

PS: If you’re not happy with your business or your money, you need to get serious and ask: What is keeping money and clients away from my business right now? What is the biggest thing I need to change to actually make my business work? If you’re just coasting, doing what you’ve always done, your results WON’T change. I waited a long time for things to change, and nothing did until I took serious action.

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