Speaking YOUR truth to power

ig-newsletter-9-12-v2I’d want a tribe if they told me that, wouldn’t ya?

Two weeks ago I wrote about how I prepare for speaking gigs, and many of you asked me questions about speaking:

  • What, and when, do I charge for speaking gigs?
  • How do I design my upcoming 30-minute talk?
  • How do I get rid of nerves?! :)
  • I hate pitching & selling! How do I put myself out there & still get gigs?

I don’t know what possesses you to want to do something 95% of people are scared of, but who cares! I’m right there with you. I completely support your desire to be seen and speak, whether as a part of your business or just because you have the desire to.

I’ll answer your questions in regular posts and in my Speaking Master Class – more details on that soon, but I’m super pumped about it. Please don’t tell people I use words like super pumped! Ha!

To do justice to what speaking really is, I need to lay a foundation. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. I live by this tenet and speaking falls directly under it. I have a system for how to excel which helps me secure, land, and fulfill speaking gigs. Once you understand the system, you’ll understand how to pitch and design your talks also.

To begin, write out your answers to the following questions. Physically write them out. I want this process to be ACTIVE from start to finish; speaking requires you to practice risk-taking, so begin now. Send me your answers, ishita@ishitagupta.com and if I can help you reach your specific speaking goal, I’m down for it.

You finding your voice is as exciting as me finding mine. :)

For this email and the next few, create a folder in Gmail called “Speaking” or something easy to remember. When you’re ready to pitch gigs (& you WILL be ready), you can reference these for wording and confidence. Let’s begin.

#1. Why do you want to speak?
When I think about speaking, it comes from deep in my gut. I love it with fervor; it makes me feel alive, joyful, and useful in a way no other interaction does. It’s an un-parallelled way to speak my truth, and I feel grateful every time I get to do it. What a privilege to have people’s attention and time – where do you get that opportunity these days? For you personally, think about why speaking compels you and why you want to pursue it. You don’t have to feel like I do about it, but you do have to have some reason more than surface-level. Otherwise, why bother?

#2. What will speaking do for YOU specifically?
Speaking is an incredible tool to help you get whatever you want in life. Seriously. Even if you’re not in business and don’t want to pave your own career, everything you learn through speaking builds crucial skills to help you succeed in all areas of life, period. Risk-taking, leadership, storytelling, improvisation, being seen – these are what lead to a fulfilled and happy life, because this is how you stretch and learn what you’re capable of.

  • Speaking also helps you build your business and brand in the following ways:
  • You build credibility as a leader, thinker, someone unafraid to risk.
  • You get exposure to the right people: readers, professionals, clients. It puts you in front of opportunities and people not open to you when you’re not visible.
  • You build self-trust by challenging yourself to be a leader.
  • You build trust with an audience and people in the world.
  • You get opportunity to build your email list and market face to face.
  • Your networking skyrockets and you’re in a position of leverage. On the right stage and with the right people, you can develop great friendships & relationships.
  • You learn stage presence, skill, craft, experience.
  • It can be highly lucrative if you work at it.
  • You find your VOICE through speaking.
  • You make an impact on people en masse in a way you can’t solo.
  • You build a career where you regularly step out of your comfort zone.
  • You create brand assets: photos, videos, testimonials from events.
  • You can use it as a foundation to grow your business, sell clients and services, or use different speaking events to meet different professional/business goals.

Speaking gives me a bunch of things on the list above so it makes sense I’d want to do it excellently, not just well.

#3. What will it do for your people?
Like question #1, reflect on why you want to speak to other people? Why not just blog or make videos? I know speaking to a live audience gives me the real, face to face connection I crave; it’s magic.

It gives me the platform to impact people with messages I hope will empower them.

To leave them with a story or nugget they’ll use to fulfill their potential. I want to entertain, delight, and speak truth to power for people to live great lives. I Googled “Speak truth to power” and this was first: “It means believing deeply in what you say and fighting every day to have that heard. It may not be popular; it means taking a risk, it means standing for something.” I really like this. Why will you speak to others? What will it do for them? Knowing this also keeps you connected and present with people during your gigs.

In the next few emails, I’ll give you details on how to pitch, what to charge, etc. I love the process and it takes effort. Put in that effort, build your system and you’ll harness the power of speaking for what it *really* is.

I’m proud of you for challenging yourself. Go for it you’ve got the desire!

Your desire’s there for a REASON.

Lots of love. Now is the BEST time to have diverse, smart, loving voices. People with integrity who want to uplift the world. If that’s you, I’m on your team and will be next to you trying to do the same.

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