The Six-Figure Secret No One Told You: Key #2 to Business Success [Part 2 of 3]


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Running your business is no joke. You must be real about the support you need. You can’t keep trying to do it solo and you must be ready to get paid what you are worth.

What you want in your business is possible, it just takes effort and guidance, and guts. All of which are available to you.

On to Key #2 key that will transform your business:  You need the RIGHT BUSINESS MODEL to support making 6-figures.

Many entrepreneurs, coaches, business owners struggle with a broken model, one that ultimately doesn’t support them making the money they actually want to make. It’s a big myth out there that keeps you working very hard, without seeing clients, money, or results.

That model is the current one used in industries like coaching and fitness/health. It looks like this: You’re a professional helping people improve their lives, charging an hourly rate of $100-$150/hr, doing “sessions” with clients. Clients have a few sessions, maybe they buy a “package” for a discount ($10/ single session, $90 total if you buy 10-pack now!). These methods try to encourage people to see long-term value and long term results, but people are confused because the pricing instructs them to only see the discount! Hourly!

If you’re working for a company at 40 hours a week at a rate of $100/hour, that’s fine, because you’re estimating a $200,000 salary.

But if you’re an entrepreneur running your own company, trying to make a living this way will NOT work – not in the short run OR long run. It won’t work because people will always price-shop for the cheapest way to get what you’re offering, they won’t understand the value of REAL results, and you’ll constantly have to re-sell clients to get them to stay. AND you’ll be working very hard for little money.

This business model itself sets you up to fail.

One-hour or single sessions, when someone says “Can we get on the phone and solve X problem?” doesn’t work for you or them. Why? Because you can’t solve a problem in a meaningful way or get real results in one hour.

Real results and real change, happens over time – with a lot of effort, accountability, and support. It’s really hard for a fitness trainer to get results with your body one or two sessions. Or for a coach to help a client turn their business around in just one hour.

People don’t want just a quick fix, they want a solution that will help them for the rest of their lives.

People who want REAL results know it takes months, or even years to make long-lasting change. I used this old, hourly model when I first began my coaching business and found myself totally frustrated. I tried to deliver, but clients had unrealistic expectations of the results they’d get in one hour. Since I could only do so much in an hour, we’d both leave a little disappointed; Clients don’t want only half-hearted results, and I don’t like unsatisfied clients.

Business owners spend a lot of time trying to get clients, so when your model sets you up to not get optimal results, you’ve wasted a lot of time and effort, and still left the client disappointed. As a business owner, YOU need to know how to get your clients or customers the results they want. YOU need to direct how to get those results.

You also need to realize that you’ll need a lot more clients charging $100/hr to hit your financial goals, like 500 clients over 12-months (if you want to make $50,000 annual).

That’s insane. If you want to run a six-figure business, you’re looking at double that load, close to 1,000 clients. That’s not sustainable for anyone, not even Superman.

It’s just a terrible model across the board.

Since I don’t want you banging your head against the wall trying so hard to offer your services while earning, here’s a far better model:

The Long-Term Premium Model (that’s my fancy name for it.)

How this model works is that you offer clients long-term packages (or programs), between 3-6-12 months, and deliver a lot of value to them in those packages.

What happens in this model is that instead of hourly coaching, you create a 6-month program charging $5,000 for the entire program. You creatively package your services and create a reliable, results-oriented program where your clients actually see results and get the sustained support they need. You offer between 2-3 sessions/month, adding bonuses, Q&A calls, other resources to help your clients in between sessions.

In this model, all you need are 10 clients at this rate who renew for your program and you’ve hit six figures by the end of the year (10 clients at $5,000 = $50,000. You run your program a second time = $50,000). Or you sell new clients into the program at the same rate and you’re already earning much more revenue than you were at your hourly rate. It’s incomparable.

I told my own personal trainer to switch to this just last month! (He’s amazing and has transformed my health/body so I want him to feel successful in a model where he’ll increase his earnings and success.)

This model of long-term packages, allows you to not deliver real results, it gives enough time for your clients to see them! They’ll start to make real change, feel happy, and want to continue working together. They’re paying for those real results!

The bottom line is, your clients get results, it’s far more sustainable for you to carry 20 clients than 1,000, AND you’re earning revenue that makes you feel strong as a business owner. You can reinvest it back in to improve your programs, offerings, and craft.

So if you’re a coach using the old model, I hope you don’t think you should just keep working it and one day it will fall into place for you. It won’t. It’s scary to use a new model, and I didn’t thought I could raise my prices or create a program, but I got over my fear and did it. I didn’t want to feel frustrated anymore, I wanted my clients to get results, AND I wanted to feel like a successful business owner!

You CAN do it. You do have the capability to create high-end offerings using the skills you have right now. These types of longer term programs and packages are just one model and you will graduate to using this type of a pricing model – you’ll have to get there. It doesn’t start out feeling comfortable!

Ian went from making a little money as a wedding photographer to two straight months of five-figure income, $10K one month, $10K the next month. It’s June and he’s half-way to meeting his revenue goal for this month too. He changed his marketing story, got a new pricing structure, and added a special token to his packages that made brides swoon. Now’s he’s setting himself up for success every single day.

I know you can do it. And you don’t have to go back to business school to “feel like an expert” or get more experience. Start with this model that will support six figures.

Don’t keep doing more work but earning less.

Business Breakthrough gives you the support you need to price + package your services in the best way for you and your clients. You’ll learn to:

  • Create the right business model to earn double what you make now

  • Create high-impact programs for your clients to get REAL results

  • Work only on high-impact tasks that get you revenue and visibility

  • Get the right systems to track and measure your money and progress

  • 18 chances to get LIVE business training from me

  • A private community of high-impact entrepreneurs to network with

  • 18 chances to ask me questions customized to your business

  • Handouts and templates for all the training

  • Lifetime access to training recordings so you can always go back.

If you’ve been waiting to see results in your business, it’s time to get them now. It doesn’t matter where you start – with a step by step plan that’s simple to follow, you’ll be focused, clear, and able to take the right action. It’s time to make great money and see success in your business. You just need expert guidance and a plan to get you there!

With love,

xx Ishita


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