My story: Get MORE because you DESERVE more.

Faith makes

As I write this, I’m sitting on the sofa in Detroit at my parent’s place, next to the fireplace, my favorite spot when I’m here. There are indentations where I sit and spills from my cups of tea over the years.


My flight back to NYC was cancelled this week and instead of rushing back on a flight the next day, I realized that I wanted more of this…

More time with my parents making dinner and spending time. As I’ve gotten older, deeper and better time with them has become a priority.

More time and space to enjoy a quiet house, working by a fireplace with cups of tea and the sun streaming in. Working from my parent’s house is one of the places I’m most productive, oddly enough.

More time with my best friend and her new baby. Being with them gives me so much joy, I’m already booking my next flight back. Being here for her as we grow into motherhood is something that gives me huge pleasure.

So I scheduled my flight a week later to give myself MORE. And it was this simple act that made me realize that in some way, I’ve always wanted MORE…even as a kid… and I’ve spent my life trying to get it.

More LIFE. More TIME with my people. More IMPACT. More POTENTIAL.

Have you ever had a feeling, deep down that there’s something MORE for you, something bigger? Even if you don’t know what it is?

I didn’t know what “more” looked like, but I’ve always felt more was possible.

As a kid, it manifested as a big spirit, which frequently led to risks and
living playfully.

As an adult, it manifested as restlessness – a “figuring out” of sorts and trying to identify what “more” meant for me at different stages of my life.

“More” showed up the most professionally via some interesting paths…

  • After college, I tested out different careers. I taught English to immigrants, led an after-school kids program in Detroit, and cared for my aunt who was mentally and physically disabled. It all taught me a lot about myself, I made impact on a daily basis… but I still felt there was more, I just hadn’t found it yet.
  • I spent 3 years and lots of money trying to get into medical school. After taking the exam and getting in, I deferred my acceptance; I felt more was out there, but I didn’t know what.
  • I then applied to grad school because I wanted to work with the elderly. This time, I got in with flying colors but also didn’t go. I felt there was still something out there for me.
  • After that I applied to photography school because even as a kid, photos always compelled me. I got in, moved to Boston, and graduated with honors (remember I was a nerdy med school student)

All rich experiences, but I still felt restless. I didn’t know what I was searching for or if it existed, but I FELT there was “more.”

Little did I know that MORE was about to knock me upside the head in a very real way.

In photo school, I started reading blogs about personal development. One blog was written by a marketing and business blogger, Seth Godin. Why his insights on leadership and business landed with me, I don’t know. I had no interest in it before. But it resonated deeply.

One day, I found out he was speaking live in NYC about his book Tribes… So I hopped a 4-hour bus ride from Boston to NYC to hear him talk about being a leader, having a purpose, and doing things that mattered.

I spent the entire lecture weeping. I was the freak in the audience who couldn’t stop crying. His words pierced me to my core and I felt like he was speaking just to me. I felt like he was, in some way, letting me know that my restlessness for MORE was okay… that I WAS meant for more.

When I left, still crying, suddenly I heard a BOOMING voice inside my head, ”You WILL work with him.”

The voice was REAL.

But I couldn’t wrap my head around it back then, so I just hopped the bus back to Boston.

Cut to: 4 months later I graduated and moved to NYC with big hopes, I landed a job with Steve McCurry – the only person I wanted to work with in photography (Steve’s image of the Afghan Girl in Nat’l Geographic)

Afgan girl

This time I thought I’d be fulfilled, but I still felt restless.

I didn’t know exactly where it came from, all I can say is that 3 months later I was reading blogs at work when I saw the email roll in from Seth Godin that made me stop. Everything. “If you could change your life, would you?” He was inviting 9 people to work with him in a 6-month “Alternative MBA business” program to learn about real-world entrepreneurship, and he’d just announced it on his blog.

photo 4

I didn’t want anyone to see the post, but secretly, I felt more excited and scared than ever. I heard the same voice, “Ishita, this is MADE for you.” Even though I had zero experience in business, I felt like this was created specifically for me, it was so real in my heart. I had no capacity to explain it.

I quit my job that day and spent the next two days writing. I barely ate, slept or showered (ask my family) and just wrote my heart out. I was more honest than I’d ever been; I told him how I knew there was more for me.

Three days later I get the email: I’m in. One of the 9.

It was the hardest 6 months of my life. (Hear the entire story here in my TEDx talk.) I cried every day because I had no experience and was learning from scratch, but despite the difficulty, I knew I had to stay.

Once the program ended, Seth asked me to stay on and join his team. I accepted, even though I was scared out of my wits. In fact, this experience led me to start Fear.less Magazine, simply to deal with the fear I felt growing so rapidly.

I stayed on for four years and it was the experience of a lifetime. In terms of growth and potential, I thought it could not get better…I had finally found the THING I was meant to do.

But after three amazing years on Seth’s team, that old feeling came back… “There’s still more for you, Ishita…” more out there to learn and do.

So I decided it was time to spread my wings and start my own business – even though I didn’t know how to.

Now, 4 years into my business, I can actually SEE how everything I’ve ever done until now has led me to this point – to create the lifestyle I want, the career freedom, and the financial freedom I wanted.

It means so much to know that I can spend my time doing what makes ME feel strong and also help other people improve their lives.

This is what MORE gives you…

And now that I KNOW more is possible for me…I keep wanting more – Not just for “more’s” sake, but because something’s actually out there for me.

You CAN have more too.

Even if you’re restless or don’t know what it looks like…I want you to KNOW that you can be the person who gets MORE. Because something is out there for YOU too.

It starts by wanting more, but it doesn’t stop there.

When we actually SEE there’s more, even MORE becomes available to us.

More begets more.

I didn’t think it could get better than working with Steve McCurry, or better than Seth Godin… But when I started my own company, it got 5x better!

Now my default is “I know there’s more, so let me get it somehow.”

It can be the same for you.

YOUR MORE IS OUT THERE waiting for you to decide that you want it.

And my mission is to help you get your MORE… in all parts of your business and your life…

Because I get clearer every day about why I run my business – and it’s not just the money or being my own boss. I LOVE those things, but there’s more at stake for me.

What “more” means for me right now is helping YOU get more from your life.

  • MORE confidence and power.
  • MORE financial freedom, getting to six figures and beyond.
  • MORE control, clarity, and stability in your business.
  • MORE purpose and impact every single day.

I want for you what I have in my life and what makes me happy…

To be able to travel freely without feeling stress.

To be with my parents and family whenever I want.

To spend love time with a new baby.

To work from wherever and from a place that makes me feel amazing.

To deliver results to my clients so they can change their lives and have more impact and service.

This year can be YOUR year for MORE, and I want to help you do it.

To more for you.

xx Ishita

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