Motivation is garbage. Plan for your fear, don’t avoid it.

I once heard Mel Robbins say, “Motivation is garbage.”

I immediately liked the sound of that.

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with motivation my whole life. While I feel an innate sense of purpose, I feel only some degree of internal motivation; I regularly fall back into habits and get stuck despite trying to stay motivated.


I’m not alone.

L from UK emailed, “My big goal is to finish my master’s thesis; it’s years overdue; I never finished it due to crippling fear of criticism. I think this could help me get it done.”

She’s talking about 30 Days to Done – a program I’m announcing (right now baby!) to get your MAJOR goal complete in the next 30 days.

I created 30 Days to Done for myself. After months of struggling to complete a project I just could. not. finish, I HAD TO do something. I was embarrassed, with a heavy heart after not taking action for so long.

30 Days to Done has the MAIN elements I need to succeed: short deadline, someone to talk to every day so I don’t fool myself with my own B.S., and a focus only on my MAJOR goals, not minor.

Do not major in the minors.

It’s easy to see why we stop ourselves from what we most want to do, but there’s NO getting around fear with goals we really care about.

A mothereffing thesis, the essence of your heart and brains? Fear.

That book you want to write, the one that feels like your soul’s writing it? Fear.

The job you interviewed for that makes you swoon, they rang you back? Fear.

Goals you desperately want to achieve are there for a reason. They come with the most fear because as we make our dreams real, we put ourselves on the line and lay ourselves bare to criticism.

No one gets scared waiting in the drive-through line at KFC, do they?

And last I checked, rejection topped the list of “things I hate to feel.”

We hate it hate it hate it.

It’s normal to freak out & avoid what puts us close to that feeling.

I feel it too. I couldn’t run my business or act on my dreams if I relied solely on myself. That’s nuts. It’s just too damn scary.

Plus, I ain’t got no endless supply of motivation! Do you?!!

My coach and main cronies support me regularly in fulfilling my big goals.

30 Days to Done isn’t about racing to the end of the year. It’s about SLOWING DOWN and doing what’s *really* important to you. ONE goal that will make a real impact if you completed it in 30 days.

ig-newsletter-11-15-17-pic2Oh. There’s my motivation.

Fear shows up no matter what.

Now’s the time to break your usual patterns.

Once you stop avoiding, you’ll start to take natural action.

In 30 Days to Done:

  • The system is SIMPLE and EASY TO FOLLOW. Remove complexity to reduce fear, eliminate distraction, and focus only on your MAJOR goal.
  • You’re NEVER ALONE. I coach you and your peers support you, especially during moments when you slip.
  • You don’t use WILLPOWER or DISCIPLINE. This system helps you show up regularly, consistently, and with accountability.
  • You track your progress DAILY so you don’t self sabotage.

30 Days to Done is the system I’m using to complete my MOST important goals before the holidays, so I can go into 2018 with vision, not stress. I want to feel proud of myself and having kept my word.

In 30 Days to Done, you’ll:

  • Create a plan for the next 30 days to eliminate distraction.
  • Identify your specific pitfalls and habits that work against you.
  • Learn a productivity system to focus on your MAJOR goals.

If you want to join 30 Days to Done and be one of the first 10 peeps to get a bonus call with me, email me now to grab your spot. There’s 4 spots left: The cost is $250 and next time I run it, the price will increase. I like when people give me a heads up and set clear expectations, so there we have it. :)

See you on the flipside feeling loud and PROUD.
xx Ishita

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