It’s ALL about Your Mindset, Baby.

Last week I attended a MasterMind with my business coach in NYC. I never miss it because I connect with high-level business owners who aren’t afraid to rise to the top. Well, let’s be honest: We’re all afraid, but we still try. That’s the point. These women are the reason I’m there; With their support, I feel safe looking at what I’m building and readjusting if I need to.

Here’s us on day two:


I don’t know how I used to do it alone. I can’t believe I thought success came from striving solo; that is so wrong. It’s only with support that I face my fears and get honest about what’s not working. Support feels like a different planet compared to doing it solo.

Soloists take note: You do NOT have to go it alone. There is a better way.

Each time, we talk strategy, revenue, content, list building, romantic relationships. But what’s most important isn’t strategy, but the mindset training that helps me think differently and think better. It’s where I learn how to become a better problem solver that all the talking actually makes a difference. Mindset nuggets always leave their mark, while strategy is hit or miss. Like chocolate. Chocolate hits the spot every so often, but it’s not enough to sustain you; You still need real nourishment. Mindset is like green juice. Green juice keeps you healthy, vital, and enthused all of the time.

This doesn’t surprise me. Any event or conference I attend, it’s rarely someone’s tactics that impress me, but more about how they think.

  • Does she think differently and if so, where did she get it from specifically?
  • How does her thinking lead to success, wealth, and generosity?
  • What beliefs give him more resilience and flexibility? What gives him less?
  • Does his self-talk empower or limit him? What mindset tools does he use?
  • What thoughts allow her to meet failure, fear, criticism with grace?

The way you THINK separates you from where you are right now, to where you want to be. 

It’s not what you do, but how you think about what you do that determines if you’ll be as successful as you want.

Successful people know that how you think matters A LOT.

Napoleon Hill wrote an entire book on it called, Think and Grow Rich. “Thoughts are Things,” he tells us, and shows how successful thoughts precede successful actions. It’s the thoughts that are the real prize; examine them and you’ll see what leads to success. He’s serious. The whole book reveals how successful leaders like Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, and multiple US Presidents thought their way to success.

The way you think about yourself influences every decision you make, because thoughts are things; Huge, powerful things. Better thoughts lead to better things.

  • If you believe you’re a leader, you’ll manage and inspire your team better.
  • If you’re confident in your talent, you’ll take risks you need to grow.
  • If you feel you deserve it, you’ll ask for the full amount of money.
  • If you feel you’re worth it, you’ll go up to the speaker and talk to him.
  • If you know there’s enough to go around, you’ll ask for funding with gusto.
  • If you know you’ll ultimately make it, you’ll handle failure with grace.

Think about how happy you are vs. how happy you want to be. How much money do you make compared to how much you want to make? Are you making an impact the way you want to? If not, why not?

Mindset precedes strategy, and strategy precedes tactics every day of the week.

It’s true for me and it’s true for you.

Sitting in my MasterMind, I wrote 30% strategy, 70% mindset in my notebook. Mindset is why I hired my coach in the first place!

Don’t just tell me what to do, tell me how you think to be successful again and again.  

Most of the mindset training that’s good for you initially feels confronting and counterintuitive. Don’t let that spook you. Mindset is mostly un-learning negative thinking before instilling new, better beliefs. I know that my own growth has come from embracing things I initially thought were totally wrong.

After three days of MasterMinding, I also moved into a new apartment (happy dance!) and attended my friends Seth Godin, Dave Ramsey, and Gary Vaynerchuk’s event, “Business Gets Personal.” It was a busy and wonderful week, and I’ll be sharing what I learned from the move and the event with you next week.

So, where do you need to tweak your mindset to create more success for yourself, whatever that looks like for you? Are there certain thoughts that you feel confronted by that you should actually give a chance? Is there a belief you already know is holding you back that you may need to adjust? 

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