The Secret to Getting OUT of Survival Mode & Having More Time, Energy, and Money is Understanding This... 

Upgrade Your Mind: 3 Steps to Generate REAL Results

Click the Button Now to Join Me for This Free Live Masterclass Wednesday, April 18th for Creatives, Business Owners, High-Level Thinkers. If you're here, that's YOU.

Here Are the Details for This Masterclass

  • When is it? April 18, 7-9PM New York (ET), 4PM (PST)
  • Where is it? Join in from your laptop/desktop
  • Who's doing it? Ishita Gupta, Life & Business Strategist
  • Why should I be there? To stop squandering time, money, and energy and to stockpile them instead.
  • What's it all about? To help you shift your level of thinking so you stop blocking results and growth.

This training begins in...


Key Best Practices from 10 Years of Training

"When you understand how to THINK, you unlock unlimited potential for yourself and your business. You feel focused, organized, and clear to generate RESULTS.

Since 2008, I've trained in how to get the results I want in my life & business. I've tested and tracked my practices to figure out what works, including generating $25K/month, building a successful email list and serving others, and creating a lifestyle I love. 

In this Masterclass training, I'll be sharing these best practices of what worked for me with you. See you there."

Ishita Gupta 

During This Free Live Training, You Will Learn:

  • The 3 Key Mindsets to Upgrade Your Thinking. In order for your actions to lead to results, you have to understand: are your thoughts sabotaging you or helping you succeed? I'll break down the mindsets you need to feel clear and in control of you mind, not stressed out.  
  • My Top Success-oriented Principles Revealed. Your #1 personal & professional asset is your ability to handle stressful business and life situations. When you act from the RIGHT foundation, you instantly boost your confidence, opportunities, sales, and results. I’ll go behind the scenes to show my most effective ways to magnetize what you want.  
  • Best Practices for Turning Your Thoughts Into Things: MORE money, time, and energy depends on how you think about and attract these currencies. Your state of mind is where it begins. I'll give you key strategies to get out of scarcity mode and into flow.  
  • Optimize Your Boundaries & Routines for More Energy and Time. Your life likely has a few sorely neglected parts that are actually harming and BLOCKING your results. I'll show you how to turn the way you speak and think into an engine that works for you, not against.  
  • Take the Struggle and Worry out of the Picture. Stop relying on the lie you've been told to work harder. I’ll show you how to manage yourself so you naturally save time and energy.  
  • Answer Your Questions Live. This is not pre-recorded training. Join me live Wednesday, April 18th & I'll answer your questions on getting out of survival mode during the presentation.

NOTE: This is a high-level training to shift your mind so you get RESULTS. Even though it's free, this Masterclass is designed to significantly help you make progress NOW.