If it doesn’t work, CHANGE it. Even chickens know that.

Check out this video, of a chicken losing it’s damn mind trying to get around a fence. He knows freedom is right around that fence, but watch how frustrated he gets pacing back and forth. The more he paces, the more he gets stuck. A nice Jamaican man narrates wisdom bombs in the video.

I’ve watched 10x and my heart goes out to him; he’s scared. When he finally makes it, I feel like a proud mama. Blaze trumpets, Randall’s got a new life! (Scroll to 3:00 to see his moment of truth.)


My three takeaways:

1. Do something DIFFERENT. That’s the way to freedom.

2. Sometimes you gotta get scared in order to do something different.

3. Doing something different is scary.

The truth is, I feel for El Pollo strongly because I am him. I’ve been stuck and frustrated with myself so many times it felt like I’d never outsmart my patterns. I’d hope for new results, even wanted them, but I’d still do the same thing over and over & not get what I wanted. Like our chicken friend.

You and I want freedom.

We want it bad.

We want to feel free and in control of our lives.

We don’t want to be bound by habits.

We want to create beautiful, valuable things.

Build it.

Write it.

Help them.

But we stay stuck, sometimes for a long time, not doing these very things.

“It’s fine, I’ll do it in two months when things settle down.”

We don’t build it because it feels too hard.

We don’t write it because we’re not sure we can.

We don’t help them because we don’t know where to begin.

But if chicken can do it, we sure as hell can.


It takes doing something DIFFERENT.

It takes choosing what’s around the fence, even though it’s scary.

30 Days to Done is a program to do things differently for the rest of 2017.

For the next 30 days, show up regularly to your MAJOR 1-2 goals. The ones you most want to accomplish by the end of the year. I have a new system of productivity and accountability to work on my most important goals, ones that’ll make me feel most proud of myself and make a HUGE impact if I focused on nothing else but them for 30 days.

Want to join me?

What would make YOU feel most proud if you got it complete by the end of the year?

If you could cross off two MAJOR goals in the next 30 days, what would make you feel freedom and ease by the end of 2017?

I know I want to enter 2018 feeling open and free, not tied down by promises I haven’t kept and projects I haven’t completed, i.e. bullshit.

What would make you feel FREE?

If you’re like me, when soul-projects call but I can’t act on them because I’m stuck in fear, I hate it.

I feel guilty, irritable, and things don’t feel like they’re working.

30 Days to Done is about getting OUT of habit and fear and getting into ACTION.

Forget what you haven’t done this year. It’s time to ACT on your MAJOR goals.

There’s a lot that you want to create in 2018 that’s waiting for your attention.

Here’s what we do in 30 Days to Done Program:

  • Learn a productivity system to focus on your TOP TWO MAJOR goals, nothing minor.
  • Create your plan for success and learn to eliminate distraction.
  • Identify your specific pitfalls, roadblocks, & habits that may work against you.
  • Learn to eliminate, delegate, organize, prioritize, and attack your goal.

We spend so much time worrying about little stuff because we can’t wrap our head around how to do the MAJOR stuff. It’s just too scary.

30 Days to Done helps you overcome that fear by managing it. Here’s how:

  • You cut off habit energy by focusing only on two MAJOR goals for 30 days.
  • You get momentum by taking regular action. It starts to feel much easier.
  • Minimize fear by getting coached when you need it, especially when you get stuck.
  • You’re never alone. You have me, your accountability buddy, and the group with you every day to keep you from hiding and falling into traps.
  • You get uncomfortable and you’re okay with it because you’re EXCITED. The energy you’ll get from completing the BIG stuff will propel you.
  • You don’t fall into laziness because you track your progress daily and weekly.

I want to feel proud of myself.

It trumps all other feelings because it means I had integrity and did what I said I’d do.

That’s how I want to feel heading into the holidays: fabulous, free, and clear.

Almost better than twinkly lights, I tell ya.

How do you want to feel by the end of the year?

What MAJOR goal do you want to accomplish in the next 30 days that if you did, you’d feel so much more energy and space?

If you feel like it’s time to step to it, that’s a good sign you’re ready to ACT on it.

I’ll announce 30 Days to Done this week. Today you can get in as one of the first 10 people who get a bonus 1:1 call with me; we’ll create a plan for your next 30 days to finally accomplish your goal.

4 spots left, email me if you want one today: ishita@ishitagupta.com.

30 Days to Done costs $250 – a price I’ve never offered for private 1:1 & group coaching. Next time I run it, the price will be higher. I hate when people say that because it feels like a sales tactic, but I DO like to set clear expectations. If you want to join because you think it’ll help you, I say don’t wait – join now. Next time I run it, it’ll be more refined and I’ll have added to it, so the price will be higher. This is your head’s up. :)

If you’ve got your stuff together and don’t need this, fistbump. You’re a better human than me. ;)

But if you’re ready to get uncomfortable, do what you’re NOT used to, sign up and email me. I’ve got my own major goals so I’ll be in the zone with you.

Till tomorrow,
xx Ishita

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