Have you ever woken up feeling heavy and anxious in the morning? Where your thoughts spin out of control and you feel overwhelmed and scared?

Life gives us many chances to practice working with intense moments. If you’ve ever been in a particularly hard situation – a tough life change, building a business, communicating with your partner – you know intense moments can send you over the edge and make you feel totally helpless.

In this audio clip, I show you how I dealt with an intense moment when the weight of my entrepreneurial worries felt particularly intense. I go over the “Sunday feeling” of heaviness that 9-5er’s face when the weekend’s over and what I did to make it through my moment. I tell you the value of slowing down, writing out your exact process for reducing your anxiety, and how to control your thoughts.

Often we think we can just jump from anxiety or fear into super productive mode, which isn’t true. We need to bridge the gap of being fearful and calm ourselves down before we can start to get creative. And sometimes the spiritual tools like meditation just don’t cut it.

Listen to the audio clip here to find out my practical tools for making it through my moment and get some tips to control your own emotions in intense moments. You own them, not the other way around.

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