How to Stay Sane: Use Systems to Stop Making Your Life Harder Than it is

Today’s video is for you if you’re reinventing the wheel and exhausted, in your business, fantasizing about shutting it down. Oh, you think I haven’t thought about throwing in the towel & moving to Maine to bake bread?!

Of course I have. But then I realize I’d have the same ambition but only difference is I’d be surrounded by more carbs! Dangerous situation.

If you’re not performing or getting results, there’s lots of reasons why. One of the most common is people wear themselves out because they don’t have SYSTEMS to manage the moving parts of their work and life. That makes even a smart, competent, hard-working person go nuts.

When you don’t have the right systems and foundation to create progress in your business, your brain never relaxes, it always feels unsafe because your world isn’t organized.

Even though you want to, you can’t make an impact if you’re stressed out to the max.

Watch the video to see how you can feel proud of yourself. In it I share how:

  • Systems are waiting for you to build so they can start working for you.
  • Routines reduce decision fatigue & habits that drain your energy.
  • Systems create efficiency, ease, and results in your business.
  • Systems aligns your brain AND your actions, so it calms down.
  • Routines help you make the BEST possible choice for yourself because you don’t leave it up to how you feel in the moment.


Don’t keep allowing holes in the way you work and live drain you. It’s not okay to keep allowing it anymore!


xx Ishita

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