Ever feel like a fool on sales calls or filled with anxiety and fear when you have to sell something? Do you feel amateur and afraid when you’re about to make the “ask?” Does sales and marketing give you a feeling like you want to throw up?

If so, you’re in the right place.

A while ago I had to sell my friend’s book to a big company. He’s a best-selling author now, with a successful company and tons of book sales. At one point in time in our friendship, I hired myself (literally volunteered for the gig) to sell his book to companies having never done it before.

The results were part disastrous, part wildly successful. Turns out I’m a natural salesperson, but for all the wrong reasons. The entire process terrified me as I didn’t feel “businessy” enough, and so I made embarrassing pitches and made a fool of myself before I realized that I would have to do sales my way. And my way meant without tons of fear and anxiety about the whole process.

I taught myself sales by learning how to listen, get real with people, tell a story, and most importantly, BE MYSELF.

With this realization, I ultimately ended up making a $100,000 sale for my friend’s book and realized just how powerful being yourself in sales was in the sales process.

In this audio clip, I’ll tell you why being yourself in sales will change how people view you (for the better) and why it will give you so much relief if you’re making sales calls.

You’ll learn:

  • Why listening is a huge part of sales (and how I thought I was a good listener but really I was not.)
  • How to be yourself and why it’s important
  • Why you don’t need to know the answer to every question and why it’s better you don’t
  • Why you can use words like “awesome” on sales calls (every now and then) ;)
  • Why being yourself allows other people to be themselves too

Don’t go through a hundred hard conversations before you learn this technique. Start now and start reducing your anxiety about sales.

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