How to keep your word & have integrity (or stop fooling yourself!)

Have you ever said:

“My biggest problem is following a process and sticking to it.”

“I need someone to hold me accountable.”

“I’m afraid I’ll do the same thing I’ve done a hundred times!”

Yep. Me in a nutshell. My biggest problem for years was accountability. Had great ideas and ambition, but you couldn’t PAY me to keep my word. I just couldn’t do it.

Blew through deadlines.

Rescheduled calls.

Made strategy plans with action steps. But somewhere between dreaming and executing, I got lost.

Or tired.

Or overwhelmed.

Michele, my operations manager and person extraordinaire once said, “I kinda expected you’d do it late.” Oof. Punch to the gut. She always tells the truth.

I had to find a way to do it differently.

Not succumb to the usual traps but prepare for them. Find a way to deliver despite them.

For the last few months, I’ve used a system and rigged it to plan for roadblocks and prepare for success. (Click link for details.)

I paid someone else to hold me accountable, it was that important.

I identified my most important goals for 30, 60, and 90 days.

I worked ONLY on those major goals. Nothing minor.

I met with my accountability partner every day to review my schedule and prepare for the next day. We talked about roadblocks and fears.

We repeated this day in and day out for months.

It worked.

  • I got projects complete I’d spent the previous 6 months worrying about. Before I used this system, I’d work on all minor stuff, even though I *thought* I was working on what was important. But when I look back, I don’t know what I spent my time on; none of it impacted my business or quality of my life.
  • I felt clear, confident, and proud of myself by 5pm. Before the system, I felt guilty and ashamed as early as 12pm some days because I’d wasted time & completed none of my most important tasks, the ones that weighed heavy on my mind.
  • I had MORE time. Because I was so productive during the day now, and used my time effectively on my most important goals, I’d be done by 4pm without any guilt. I completed my most important work early on and left small tasks, admin, or busy work for later, all of which I could do quickly since I had much more energy and wasn’t bogged down by guilt! I couldn’t believe how much time opened up.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, I felt happy, productive, and I ENJOYED MYSELF.
  • I stopped worrying and pretending to work in the evenings. I spent time with people having fun instead of feeling heavy and irritable.

30 Days to Done helps you WIN. (Click link for details & to sign up if you’re ready.)

You SEE that if you show up regularly to your MOST important goals and someone holds you accountable..if you remove anxiety and over-thinking, you DO succeed.

Results that seem far away now get much closer.

It’s distraction and emotional stress that takes you out of the game with your big goals.

Remove that stress, doubt, and overwhelm, which kills your drive to execute.

30 Days to Done eliminates doubt from your big goals.

  • You meet with a partner every day to review your goals, create your schedule, and focus on actions you’ll take the next day.
  • You meet with an accountability coach to coach you through roadblocks.
  • You REPEAT your goals every day so you can’t fool yourself. Not only do you know, but the group, your coach, and I know when you are/aren’t taking action.
  • You get group support if you fall into old habits and pitfalls.
    You track your progress daily and weekly and REPORT it to us.

Some FAQ’S:

Nancy asked, “How do we design a habit?”
Through repetition. First, you take regular action regularly for 30 days and make it a habit by showing up every single day. Even despite roadblocks. Then someone holds you accountable when you fall into old habits. You build a muscle by exercising it daily. Doing what you’re used to won’t help you make the change you really want.

Rana said, “This will help me build a good habit to get more stuff done.”
Yes. You’ll 100% get more done. But more isn’t the point. This system helps you get the RIGHT stuff done so you create more space, energy and time for yourself to CHOOSE how you want to spend your time. At first, I felt weird: do less to get more results? But it’s true: you don’t need to do more to get more done. That’s how to-do lists get out of control.

Doing more of the RIGHT things allows you to do LESS and still get MORE results.

More results = more impact because you’re doing stuff that actually moves the needle.

30 Days to Done sets you up for success, especially for the next 30 days. Click the link above to join now. Our first 1:1 calls start this week and next, followed by our strategy call where we’ll create your customized 30-Day action plan.

It’s pretty cool. I walk you through the system and we map out your big goal. Then we pair you up with your accountability partner and coach so you can check in every day.

It’s a system you can use again and again, and we dive in over the next 30 days.

I’ll be posting about it this week and after that we’re back to usual. If you want to get the goal that’s weighing you down done, this is up your alley and worth experimenting with. Cost is $250 now because I’m experimenting: I want to see who will take action and if the system works for your goals like it did mine. Some people asked if I’ll run it again in 2018. Honestly, I don’t know. I might. If I do, I know for a facty factoid the program will be better and the price will also be higher. Try it now if you think it might help you.

Happy almost lots of pie and turkey and food and pie pie pie day.
xx Ishita

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