Do you ever feel guilty about doing things not directly related to your career? Ever felt restless on the weekend, like you should be working instead of having fun?

Do you lack energy and enthusiasm for stuff you once enjoyed?

I used to be so stressed out trying to balance work and my business that there came a point where everything spiraled downhill – my business, my relationships, my health. I was in survival mode all the time and was emotionally and mentally exhausted. I saw that I was leading a totally unsustainable life, and having NO fun in the process.

I knew that if I didn’t change my ways, I wouldn’t survive, so I made a dramatic change. I started intentionally pursuing fun in my life, took a woman’s course to help me understand pleasure, got a wardrobe that made me feel beautiful, stopped stressing out and instead starting using the power of intention and desire to get what I wanted.

I prioritized my happiness and found that I no longer felt the guilt having fun that I used to. All of a sudden my work improved, as did my business. I was surprised that the very thing I felt guilty about and thought would ruin my business, was exactly what I needed. I want to show you how I did it and give you tools for you to do the same. 

Watch this webinar that over 1000 people joined to see how you can reduce your stress, get more time and energy, and battle overwhelm. (Starts at 5:15 minutes in and takes a minute to load, so please be patient.)


Here’s an audio clip of how I included fun in my life by trick-or-treating, going to the cider mill, and learning how to moonwalk, much to the dismay of my family and friends. Often times when you start prioritizing fun, people won’t appreciate it. They think, “Why do you have the luxury to have fun and love your life, when I’m stuck in a hard job, struggling, trying to just get some peace of mind?” As you practice prioritizing fun, don’t expect people to jump on board right away with what you’re doing.

Be a leader and test out if it makes a difference to your life, then bring them into it slowly and show them how beneficial it is.

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