How my soul talks to me…Are you listening to yours?

Last weekend I finished Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts Mastery Program. For the last four months, 350 women (or Sister Goddesses as we like to say he he) honed our intuition, set boundaries, and danced our tails off like it was our JOB. I first did Mastery in 2012 and my life exploded in the best way. In the wake of 2015, I knew I needed to trust my body again and Mastery was the ticket. I swear I’ll probably do it another five times.

Here’s a snapshot of graduation day.

Ishita Newsletter pic 6-23 Victoria and I. About to walk the runway! After graduation with my friend Shigei.

This year I met a woman I instantly connected with, Victoria. We sat next to each other on weekend 3 and I felt strongly pulled toward her, almost joyous, like I do with my funniest friends. That night I wrote in my desire journal: “I want to know Victoria more.”

When it’s strong enough to write down, I don’t ignore it; means something good is coming.

Then at graduation last week I thought, “I’m sure we’ll connect,” but I didn’t stress.

In a huge auditorium, I ended up sitting right behind her, which made us giddy. During exercises she said, “Let’s partner.” At lunch I said “Let’s eat.” We talked the entire time. She excitedly shared her new business and the more we got to know each other, the more mirthful I became. We even randomly share a tree nut allergy and compared Epi-pens over lunch.

I told her a big desire of mine in 2016 is to make dance a regular part of life. I’d watched hundreds of Youtube tutorials and danced everyday. She squealed; dance is her life. She runs a sensual dance and movement studio online and in person. “That’s exactly what I do: integrate dance so a woman gets confidence to make the moves her own.” In Mastery, all the women kept coming up to her, “Can you teach me to do THAT please? I love the way you move!”

I could hardly contain my excitement about this new dance-teacher-compadre.

As we walked back, she said, “You know I know Tom Kelly, right? I live 5 minutes from his studio and have done lots of his trainings.”

“Tom Kelly San Diego Tom Kelly?” Tom was my closest spiritual mentor of over a decade, who’d seen me through everything; he was who I called when I needed a spiritual tune up. “He’s coming to Detroit this weekend for a retreat we’re hosting together!”

IMG_5517Tom and I last night.

I told her how I’d written my desire to get to know her on weekend 3. “You know what?” she said, “I wanted the same thing when we met.”

“Wow,” she said, “I want to keep talking and connect regularly…we should make that happen.”

When it was time to graduate, we crowned each other and of course bust into tears.



Not a chance.

This is SOUL FRIENDSHIP, my friend. And here’s why I shared the story with you.

1. I give details because I love them. If you’re going to tell me a story, for the love of God give me DETAILS. Your soul also speaks in details and

2. Soul friendship boosts your quality of life ASAP. Why?

Because soul friends injects purpose and ACTUAL joy into your life.

Joy is the only GPS I follow – it’s more accurate and faster at steering you to your core purpose. I remember blurting out, “I just want to be friends with you!” Unbridled enthusiasm exists when you know something is special.

3. Most important: Are you paying attention?

Your soul gives you signals all the time but it’s what do you DO with it that matters.

Start noticing. The way I felt last week? I felt exactly the same way 8 years ago when I sent an email to Seth Godin; I knew in my soul we were meant to be friends. Same thing when I started Fear.less Magazine. And again in Thailand trip when magical things happened one after another. And many moments in between when I’ve paid attention.

Your soul knows. It knows the right client, the right gig, the right relationship.

Take a look at what you’re up to and remove the should’s, the “have to’s” and the people that don’t thrill you.

They waste vitality and space when you could have joy, purpose, energy, strength, or a nut allergy instead. Seriously. Once you pay attention to the signals, you see your options for EVERYTHING get so much better, much more high quality.

Soul logic and Soul Science.

Inexplicable. Sometimes hard to see. Totally trustworthy.

Your only job is to science the heck out of it and pay attention.

As always, reach out to me if this resonated with you. Maybe you’re already a ninja at paying attention and have an even better story – I want to hear it! And if you know someone who could use this – send them soul smoke signals and forward them this email! Definitely definitely we all need to do our part to spread what makes us feel good. Chances are if we feel it, our friends will too.

To being a good steward of your signs,
xx Ishita

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