Goat cheese, making the “ask,” and how to get what you want

Have you ever wanted something, but felt too uncomfortable to ask for it?

You get a feeling you want it, but then thoughts flood in: “I don’t want to bother them” “Do I *really* even want it?” You doubt yourself, let it slide, “I’ll just ask next time…”

In today’s video, I tell you how to get what you want in life. It starts by asking. Life is ready to hand you the exact experiences you want to have, but not if you don’t ask. It’s not woo woo, it’s real & practical; I use it every day to make choices that move me closer to a life I enjoy. I’ve learned: In life, you don’t get what you don’t ask for.

But when you *DO* start asking for what you want, be ready to get it!

In the video I tell you how I asked for goat cheese at dinner last night and why it was important enough to write this post! Watch the video to learn:

  • How to ask for what you want even if you feel uncomfortable. Practicing discomfort instead of maintaining the status quo is the BIGGEST skill I’ve learned in business.
  • Why we don’t trust ourselves to know what we want.
  • How to prioritize what you want. If you don’t, no one else will! The world gives what it can offer, which is often mediocre. Decide if you’re okay settling or if you want more.
  • How to make choices every day that lead you to your highest, ideal life, not where you maintain the other people’s comfort & the status quo.

How much are you not getting from life because you’re not asking?

Right now, right after you read this post, notice where you hesitate to ask for what you want. Today, flex your muscle and make the ask, even if it’s for an extra avocado. Be courageous and practice. You never know what’ll happen. Personally, very unexpected, delightful and ridiculous things have happened when I put myself out there and ask.

If this video helped you practice asking for what you want and then GETTING IT (it’ll definitely happen!), share it with someone who needs to practice too. It’s easier when your people practice and get what they want. If you know they hesitate, share the video and practice together today! Tell me how it goes: did you try it? How did people respond – what’d they say? Did you get what you want? I want to know these things!

Always make the ask, especially when it comes to cheese.
xx Ishita

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