Do you want real self-confidence, the kind that feels long lasting?

I thought you might.

If you’re like me you’ve spent a lot of time trying to feel confident and good about yourself. A few years ago, my life needed a makeover. I used to wake up with fear, go to bed with it, stifle my voice in front of others, feel uncomfortable and not know why. I made choices that stung constantly. I was afraid of everything, especially of the potential I felt inside of me. That went on for years until one day it came to a head and I said, “Enough already.”

From that day on, I vowed that confidence would no longer be a mystery to me. I wouldn’t just “fake it” but learn it for real. I studied different tools, interviewed hundreds of people for Fear.less Magazine, built a coaching business on the topic of self-trust and confidence, and researched for over a decade where my own blend of lasting confidence came from.

I started out a student of confidence and transformed my life into the one I have today: I love my work, have friends who uplift me, live pleasurably and have fun, and feel fulfilled by my relationships. Hiding out it in fear is out of the question (been there, done that) and I’m learning how to navigate my life in new ways. That doesn’t mean I don’t have nasty days, but my turnaround time for getting back to confidence is fast + effective. I now know:

  1. Fear and confidence are the most important topics to humans. You and I struggle for less of the first and more of the second every single day.
  2. Confidence is 100% attainable. By YOU.
  3. No one but you knows what you’re here to do. Only you know the right answers.
  4. Life isn’t just an uphill battle that requires massive effort. Now I know I don’t have to struggle so much.
  5. Managing your emotions is key – now I clearly express how I feel.
  6. Running from uncomfortable situations only amplifies them. 
  7. Not speaking your truth will only stifle and suffocate you until it has to come out. And it will come out one day. 

Getting confidence and keeping it are two different things. And while life requires action and luck, mostly it requires a shitload of confidence. When you’ve spent sleepless nights in fear and days at the office afraid to be yourself, you need confidence like air. Living any other way is not an option.

I realized that just in time. You can too. Start focusing on building your self-confidence and self-trust, and watch your life open up to you.

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