Fix These 3 Things Immediately to Get what You Want & Masterclass Free Training

Next week, I’m teaching Masterclass I: Get out of Survival Mode & Into Your Flow with Money, Time, & Energy. How to Start Winning with the 3 Biggest Currencies in Life.

Date: Wednesday, April 18th, 7-9pm ET.

This is the most important foundational training I’ve done. Took me 10 years to learn and I HAD to learn because I was stressed out. I’ll teach you what I put into practice to get results, peace of mind, and success that I genuinely didn’t know was possible. IT CAN AND DOES WORK. Try it and see.

How you’re doing life right now is causing more problems & stress, but only because you’re not trained to wire yourself for results that you want.

I GOT TRAINED because it takes training.

Fix these key mindsets, start thinking the RIGHT way, and you’ll begin to solve problems powerfully. Not overnight, but when life throws you a challenge, you’ll be confident in your ABILITY to handle it and feel in control.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Masterclass training I:

  • The real reason you feel stuck & overwhelmed and how to re-energize.
  • The lie you’ve been told that KEEPS you struggling & worrying. Once you learn this, everything shifts fast.
  • How to STOP running out of $$, energy, & time. Start STOCKPILING it instead. Successful people USE this mindset daily.
  • A powerful way to end the search for time management & productivity hacks and learn the REAL way to manage your time.
  • Why trying harder and working more is the worst thing to do.

The training is free. Save your spot here.

I’ll do a lot of Q&A at the end of the call so bring all your Q’s. I’ll also introduce a program on the 16 Keys of Life & Business I’m teaching in May.

Masterclass II: Stop Sabotaging Your Business & Making it HARDER than it is: Master the 3 Most Important Skills to Get Results in Your Business

Date: Wednesday, April 25th, 7-9pm ET.

Both trainings are free. I’ll send out two posts next week with a link to sign up.

On to today’s featured video: “Fix These 3 Things Immediately to Get what You Want.” Click the link to watch.

I do mean immediately.

You’re way more powerful than you think. But somewhere along the way you stopped accessing that power, and when you did, you stopped believing YOU – you – you could affect the results you want in your life.

In the video, I talk about 3 things you can change today to make you way more powerful and direct in getting the exact outcome you want. Watch the video for in-depth answers on how to do all the below. Here’s the summary:

#1. Change your thinking.
If you’re someone who thinks FIRST of fear and what will go wrong, you limit yourself and block the very thing you want. Why work against yourself? You’re already working hard to get it, now do the thing that’ll actually help you get it.

#2. Change your words.
If you want your car to drive, you fill it with gas, not lemonade. Same thing goes with your words and the results you want. If you want a specific outcome, stop feeding it the wrong fuel.

#3. Blaming other people
Big big big one. When you don’t know the REAL reason you’re in the situation you’re in, you start to blame other people. It’s only natural to find something to blame when #1 and #2 aren’t in check above :). Not only does blaming things outside of you not work, it makes you feel shitty, pessimistic, angry, and untrusting of the world.

Get training! It’s time to walk through the world with a core of confidence. That takes training and shifting your MIND. Sign up for Masterclass I here. I’ll share the most useful stuff I’ve learned without any fluff.

To what’s possible. <3

xx Ishita

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