Do you know what happens next in your business?

One of the biggest issues I hear among entrepreneurs is: One good month in business makes you feel like things have picked up…but then the next month is a disaster. No money comes in and you have to look for clients and projects all over again.

Since I’ve been to rock bottom, I want to tell you how I got myself out and ensured I’d never be there again. Rock bottom can be pretty scary, especially when you’ve lost hope.

The hardest part of being your own boss is not knowing what your next month will look like. Because you don’t know, you launch all the time, chase down clients or do nothing because you’re overwhelmed.

When you can’t depend on income each month, it starts to wear you down.

I remember when I wasn’t making money, I didn’t just feel stressed, I questioned everything. Should I keep going as an entrepreneur? Should I get a job? (Scary because I’m the world’s worst employee.) What’s my purpose? If I was really living it, shouldn’t I feel more successful? Every day I woke up with many question marks. My mom, bless her heart, would call and say, “Google is still hiring, I saw an ad!”

Now I see I made it harder on myself, but only because I didn’t know any better. But you will.

The biggest block people have is that they don’t think long term, only short term, 1 or 2 steps ahead.

They don’t ask, “What happens next?”

Asking “What happens next?” is the KEY to continued success in your business.

Notice I said continued success, not one-time success.

Many entrepreneurs (whether you’re new or have been around for years) skip this question entirely and think they’ll be okay. But because of this, their only option is to is scramble to find clients, make rent each month or launch a product.

But no matter how hard they work (I know you work hard) they don’t feel successful because their foundation literally blocks them from getting results.

You don’t have to know everything from A to Z, but a long term plan will reduce major amounts of stress in your business; And it’s the stress that wears us out, not the actual work itself.

If you don’t ask, “What happens after I see a new client…?”

  • You create one-off programs where people see you once. You don’t build trust, and can’t predict your income next month. You feel like a fraud because you know real change doesn’t happen in a single hour, and your clients don’t get lasting results.

If you DO ask, “What happens next…?” You create a program where clients get the best long-term results. You build a relationship and get to know them, and you feel calm and in control again, predicting your income 3, even 6 months out.

If you DON’T ask “What happens after I pay this month’s bills…?”

  • You discount, undercharge, and don’t sell enough. You keep living month to month and try to survive, always keeping your head above water.

If you DO ask, “What happens next…?” You stop looking at this month and look at your ENTIRE YEAR. You come up with a plan to pay bills consistently. You stop feeling like you’re trading all your time for every dollar. You can plan properly for vacations, family time, and emergencies without feeling like you have to look at single dollar.

  • People love unexpected surges of money, but it’s not helpful. It’s NOT. Money only equals less stress when you know what you’ll do with it. When a large sum comes in, without a plan you’ll end up shotgun spending on bills, expenses, and “rewards.” And by the end, you’ll be out of cash and feel no more secure than you did before the extra came in. Trust me.

If you DON’T ask, “What happens after I create my online product…?”

  • It won’t sell well and you’ll feel terrible. Instead of 1,000 people buying it because your subscribers love you, your family and friends will buy it and tell you how proud of you they are. Been there ;)

If you DO ask, “What happens next?…” You’ll wait to create the product until you have a bigger list of people who’ll actually buy it. You’ll give yourself more time and resources to build it in the RIGHT way, not impulsively. You’ll build a better product and launch it when the most people will buy, because you’ve fixed all the bugs. Your time spent building now feels worth it.

If you don’t ask, “What happens next?” you have a broken foundation – a model that doesn’t set you up to get the results you want. All because you skip this crucial question.

When you ask, you reduce your stress because your plan gives you FOCUS. You don’t spend all day wondering what to do because you know – you see how each action affects you down the road and understand the purpose of what you do all day. Business is hard enough without us making it harder! Get the right model and mindset in place to support where you really want to go.

It’s up to you to ask the question “What happens next?” and ANSWER it so you see consistent money and results.

The smartest people I know don’t have all the answers; They ask the right questions.
xx Ishita

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