Cross it OFF. Get it Done. *Really* get it done.

Last December I held a “Loose Ends” Challenge for people who read my newsletter (so like, everyone in the world bwahahahaha… #yeahright #Imridiculous…you’re the only people who matter!)

For four hours on a cold Friday, a group of us knocked out tasks we’d had on our to-do lists for months, even years. In real-time we completed projects we’d felt so guilty about not doing, and finally CROSSED them off one at a time with big black strikethroughs on a shared Google doc.

d2f4749d1699c8f9fe9a158cc6af8754-work-week-humor-monday-work-humorI googled work productivity memes; these came up. Too funny.

I remember feeling giddy when I did my first strikethrough!

Adrenaline rush.

Intense deadline.

Finally Getting. It. Done.

No more shame.

If you participated, remember how much fun we had?! I had so much fun.

Four hours later, I was a goddamn superhero. Huge energy and more freedom and joy than I’d felt in months. No joke.

I know everyone who participated felt the same:

DP: “WOO!! This patent’s been on my todo list for 10 months! I got it done in a record two hours and it’s as good if I had 1 week to focus on it. Submitting it is a monumental energizer; I know it’ll fuel the rest of my day / week. It’s taken me more than 6 months to over a year to do some of this stuff and it’s put me WAY over the top in my energy.

Neil: “This was so useful and energizing. Can we do it again?”

Yep, Neil. We’ll totally do it again.

I needed 4 hours of dedicated time, with people AND a time crunch.

I’ll hold another Loose Ends Challenge in December, but before that, I’m kicking it up a notch.

Enter my new program, 30 Days to Done. I’m mini-announcing it now and the bigger post will come next week with all the details.

It’s for my MAJOR 1-2 goals, what I most want to get done by 2017 end.

Por ejemplo, I’ve had my heart set on creating an annual editorial calendar based on my programs/launches for a full year. A year. I just haven’t sat down to do it because I either get caught up with current business stuff or – hate to admit it – my bad habits get in the way.

I created Loose Ends to knock out energy-sucking tasks, but 30 Days to Done is for the major 1-2 goals you’ll feel most proud of accomplishing by the end of the year.

It’s what will make a HUGE impact in your life if you focused on nothing else but it for 30 days.

In 30 Days to Done, you’ll break through your habits. God knows that’s what I needed: TO GET OUT OF MY PATTERNS & INTO ACTION.

I remember saying, “Ishita. It is time to do things differently now.”

That time is now.

30DTD is NOT a magic bullet, but it does have all the elements I myself needed to get productive and perform:

A deadline. 30 Days.

A group of people ready to jack you if you hide. Over here! :)

Support from me. I prescribe love & tough love as needed.

The formal announcement comes next week, but here’s what you need to know in the meantime.

In 30 Days to Done, you’ll:

  • Accomplish your top 1-2 goals by Dec 31, 2017. We focus ONLY on major goals and let the minor stuff fall into place. It always does.
  • Feel proud & energized having completed your BIGGEST goals.
  • Go into 2018 with ease and clarity. Focus on what’s NEXT, don’t feel tied down by old projects spilling over your to-do list. Ick. I have a visceral reaction to that image.
  • Get private coaching from me to identify your specific pitfalls and habits that work against you. This is crucial.
  • Get a partner to hold you accountable and meet with you daily. Yep, every day. If you don’t have 15 mins to review your progress daily, you have a bigger issue.
  • Get on a weekly group call where I support and train you. This helps keep you honest – no hiding- and to stay in ACTION mode.
  • Eliminate distraction and take FOCUSED ACTION.
  • Use daily & weekly tracking to measure progress, report daily.

If you want to re-write your email sequence, create a new opt-in, write a manifesto, make $5K in December, have the hard convo with your dad, whatever you want to do, the time is now.

3927820c146a8eb85f393a61dcd6abfe-so-funny-funny-memesI’m my own boss so….still applies. HAHAHAHAAHAHA

30 Days to Done is about keeping your word to YOURSELF.

No force. No discipline.

Just doing things differently than how you’re used to.

A system built on showing up regularly and consistently.

This system helped me get unstuck, especially when I hit my usual roadblocks: overwhelm, apathy, distraction.

We take action for 30 days. By the time I launch Loose Ends in December, you’re already be achieving your goals. It’s not about rushing to the end of the year, it’s about focusing on the MOST important things YOU want in your life.

I’m excited about it; it’s the only thing I want to do and teach for the rest of the year.

So I’m doing it.

I announce it next week, but if you want to join now, email me and let me know you want a spot: Cost is $250, the lowest I’ve ever priced a program that includes 1:1 time with me and small group coaching. I’m cool with it since I’m testing it, but if I run it again, it will be more expensive. For sure. I like to set clear expectations up front, gnome sane :)

The first 10 people get a bonus call with me to help you get even clearer about how to use your next 30 days; tell you about that next week too.

If you want to spend the next 30 days with me, it’d be a pleasure.

xx Ishita

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