My Schedule and How I Manage My Time

Happy Post Labor Day my peeps! Last week we talked about managing your time – my big personal kahuna of business lessons that got smacked into me over the last 7 years. I still continue to tweak it because it’s crucial; when I manage myself first, only then can I actually manage my time. My… Read More

How to successfully prepare for a speaking gig

I LOVE speaking as a part of my career. I intentionally build it into my work because storytelling and connecting with an audience comes from my soul; I miss it when I don’t do it. We need more people to speak up with conviction, clarity, and truth. It connects us instead of speaking over each… Read More

Gremlins aren’t real. Your beliefs aren’t either.

Remember the movie Gremlins? Here’s the story: Man gets cute pet. Pet acts normal. One day man accidentally feeds pet after midnight. Pet turns into killing monster, wreaks havoc until man kills pet. Oops! Late night snack = big problem. Late night snacks are a big problem for me too.       Daytime.  … Read More

My 3 Most Effective Business Tools: Sales, Storytelling, Systems

As a leadership and business coach, I’m often asked how to get clarity in people’s life or work. Variations of, “How do I find clients?” “How can I figure out my purpose?” “I know I’m smart, but something’s off; it’s just not working. What should I do?” Sometimes I fire off an answer because it’s… Read More

3 Ways to Get Your Energy Back Now

There was a year of my life when every time someone asked, “How are you?” I answered, “I’m tired.” Every. Time. After a few months my siblings said, “Stop. You’re awful. Get a new answer.” Wasn’t the first time I learned this – it’d come up many times as a whisper, then a baseball bat…. Read More

My personal story & what’s been most powerful

Today’s post is personal and exciting for me. In the video, I share my story of the last 10 years; when I moved to New York with dreams in tow, took risks, worked with brilliant people, built a business so I could live and work freely, and learned about myself as a woman, partner, friend…. Read More

Feel weird with people? Get your power back

Lots of Q’s about human behavior and hard conversations this week. Today I’ll answer a Q I get a lot about how to be yourself with people, especially at work. On our live call last week, Trina asked how to interact with her COO. I didn’t get to answer it live so here’s my response… Read More

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