Remember who you ARE.

I say “like” so many times in this video it’s actually embarrassing. Life is painful. Sometimes when it’s too painful, you forget who you are. When you heal a broken heart, you forget that you’re lovable. When they don’t approve of you, you forget your worth. When you deal with loss, you forget how resilient… Read More

How to keep your word & have integrity (or stop fooling yourself!)

Have you ever said: “My biggest problem is following a process and sticking to it.” “I need someone to hold me accountable.” “I’m afraid I’ll do the same thing I’ve done a hundred times!” Yep. Me in a nutshell. My biggest problem for years was accountability. Had great ideas and ambition, but you couldn’t PAY… Read More

Motivation is garbage. Plan for your fear, don’t avoid it.

I once heard Mel Robbins say, “Motivation is garbage.” I immediately liked the sound of that. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with motivation my whole life. While I feel an innate sense of purpose, I feel only some degree of internal motivation; I regularly fall back into habits and get stuck despite trying to stay… Read More

If it doesn’t work, CHANGE it. Even chickens know that.

Check out this video, of a chicken losing it’s damn mind trying to get around a fence. He knows freedom is right around that fence, but watch how frustrated he gets pacing back and forth. The more he paces, the more he gets stuck. A nice Jamaican man narrates wisdom bombs in the video. I’ve… Read More

Cross it OFF. Get it Done. *Really* get it done.

Last December I held a “Loose Ends” Challenge for people who read my newsletter (so like, everyone in the world bwahahahaha… #yeahright #Imridiculous…you’re the only people who matter!) For four hours on a cold Friday, a group of us knocked out tasks we’d had on our to-do lists for months, even years. In real-time we… Read More

Are you dissatisfied but totally ignoring it?

Last year I realized how dissatisfied I was with my relationship with my parents. I love my parents and they’re foundational in my life. We had ceviche last night. But since I was a kid, I was trained to people-please, shut my mouth, and put other’s needs before my own. These behaviors made me miserable… Read More

3 Ways to Reclaim Your Energy Now

Birds give me energy This month I can’t stop writing or talking about energy. I journal about it and take stock of my reserves every day: Did I manage it well today? Where did I squander it? What gave me energy vs. drained me? The few times I’ve significantly lost my energy makes me want… Read More

The #1 Place to Get Your Power and KEEP It.

I started boxing this summer. The studio is next to my favorite sushi spot, so I walk by 3x/week in order to get my salmon fix. That’s NOT why I started, oh ye of little faith. ;) I joined because I want to feel strong. To push my body to do things she’s not used… Read More

Speaking YOUR truth to power

I’d want a tribe if they told me that, wouldn’t ya? Two weeks ago I wrote about how I prepare for speaking gigs, and many of you asked me questions about speaking: What, and when, do I charge for speaking gigs? How do I design my upcoming 30-minute talk? How do I get rid of… Read More

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