Big Fat Indian Wedding + Saying Yes when you mean No + 14 yr olds

I’m not being hyperbolic when I say last night’s Blazing Q&A was my favorite so far. Hot damn. Your questions were truthful and challenging. Help! I’m stuck with money. Nothing’s coming in & I don’t have prospects. How can I react gracefully if something bad happens instead of getting so angry? I’m growing and improving… Read More

5 Ways to Manage Stress When You Encounter New Problems

Today’s video gives you 5 ways to manage your stress, especially up against new problems. Regular problems are a part of being human; they annoy you, but you’re trained to manage because they come up daily. Thank god for regular problems? HA! New problems, however, make your system work hard because your circuits aren’t wired… Read More

How to Respect Yourself & Why it Sucks at First

People cross their own boundaries all the time. They say “Yes” when every cell in their body means, “No.” Help someone else when they’re already stretched to the max. Keep toxic people in their life because they feel a sense of duty. Would we do the same if we had more self-respect? No. We would… Read More

Build a foundation that works FOR you, not against you.

There are many ways to build self-trust and self-confidence. Even more ways to destroy it. What you do today will deliver a result tomorrow, so clean-slate your mind and build a foundation that works for you, not against you. Here’s a list of affirmations to guide you through your day. Note: They’re not orders or… Read More

Are you Selling or Convincing?

Have you ever been on the receiving end of someone “salesy?” You bought a product or service and in doing so, went through a sales process. Maybe you felt nervous, like you weren’t listened to, or pushed too hard. If you’re skeptical of sales, you’ve likely had a bad experience being sold to by someone… Read More

When push comes to shove… what’re you made of.

Read on for the story of when I was a real, master-level quitter… I remember a time when I was first to give up, especially with physical activity. People told me, and I told myself for so long, “You have Asthma. It’s totally fine for you to sit this one out; your lungs suck and… Read More

The Roundup: IG personal updates & more…

A new series of personal & business updates, special offers, & random “stuff.” Some personal updates! Last week I saw my friend Susan Piver. She spoke at an event with our friend, Jonathan Fields. We erupted into an insane joy/hug dance because Susan is my dearest. I keep a small circle of good friends and… Read More

Do you take care of your most precious resource?

When we’re in pain, it feels like we’re the only one in the world going through it, but in fact the opposite is true; we just don’t talk about it. Personally? $%ck that noise. I talk about it on video, in public! I’m committed to talking about it, even if I fumble. Because if I… Read More

It’s okay to feel %#cked up: real talk about emotional trauma

I don’t know you personally. But if you’re reading this, I’m presuming you’ve been through some shit. A trauma or life experience that took you down. Broke you. You’ve got the scars to prove it – check your arms. Search your heart. Somehow you managed to pick yourself up, pick up the pieces, keep living…. Read More

Fastest way to get unstuck: How I do it

Confucius, you watching me son?  (Source: Instagram @devaujla) Last week I got a question from “J” about feeling stuck; I get a lot of Q’s about stuckness – it’s a big issue for all of us: readers, clients, friends as we transition & make big decisions: “How do I know she’s the one?” “Stay here… Read More

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