Fighting for your joy and breaking bread with strangers

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to feel like a character inside a storybook. I’d have fun by creating adventures for myself and doing surprises, pranks, story time, exploring the woods. I’d sit on the roof to see my entire neighborhood and feel both alive and scared up there! At 36, I’m the… Read More

Waiting around for someone to fix it?

Have you felt stuck before? Where you didn’t want to do anything, especially your creative work because you were just DONE? I felt like that a lot this year while healing from trauma. I had to RE-learn how to take care of myself and get back to basics because I wasn’t doing what I knew… Read More

Stop putting out other people’s fires. Light your own instead.

Ever been caught up in other people’s drama? Where you fix or put out fires that aren’t even yours? Is someone paying you to get tangled up in it? If so, it’s a big red flag that something’s off in your life you need to pay attention to. The “something” is your purpose. When you’re… Read More

Feeling heavy? Time to cut your sandbags…

Tomorrow night’s our monthly Blazing Q&A Call: Wednesday, July 18, 7:00pm ET. The *best* questions happen here: I feel stuck, what can I do? How do I set boundaries with family? When’s the right time to start my biz? Bring all your $$, relationship, business, life Q’s; I’ll give advice specific to YOU. Register here…. Read More

Summa time, feeling proud of yourself, & screw your bad habits!

If you’re in the USA, I hope you’re with your loved ones. I’m in California writing barefoot in the sun, not freaking out that there’s a lizard a few feet away. Not freaking out at all. :) I know it’s a holiday, but personally, I don’t feel our country is “independent,” given how we treat… Read More

Should I keep my mouth shut or talk to people about it?

“When you’ve made a big decision that took you a while, should you talk to people about it? Or do you wait to tell them and be open about it?” This was my favorite question from our Blazing Q&A call a few weeks ago; we get the best personal questions on our monthly Q&A call… Read More

Are you ready to get what you asked for?

So you were brave enough to ask for something, now what? Today’s video is about how to know if you’re ready to receive what you asked for. Last week in our Blazing Q&A call Natalie asked, “I don’t really have a problem asking, but sometimes I feel blocked in receiving. Is it possible to ask… Read More

Goat cheese, making the “ask,” and how to get what you want

Have you ever wanted something, but felt too uncomfortable to ask for it? You get a feeling you want it, but then thoughts flood in: “I don’t want to bother them” “Do I *really* even want it?” You doubt yourself, let it slide, “I’ll just ask next time…” In today’s video, I tell you how… Read More

When You Don’t Speak Up Because You Want to Protect Them

Here’s an audio inspired by my journaling session this morning. I wrote about my relationship with my dad. Spoiler alert: it ain’t pretty. I’m undoing years of codependency, and the “work” is tough. The clip is informal, me talking for 13 mins; you may want to grab a cuppa tea and take notes. If you… Read More

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