Why You Should Treat Different Customers Differently

Last week I shopped for a friend having her first baby in January. I wanted a special, customized gift so I skipped Toys-R-Us and explored my neighborhood, stumbling on a kiddie shop a few blocks away. I craved a shopping experience that let the little girl inside me come out. Quaint and sweet, the store… Read More

Don’t make this mistake with your vendors

Last week one of my favorite clients said to me, “No one is responding! Not my editor or my designer! It’s been 6 days and we need tags for the new site and need to finalize the design. We’re moving into new office space next month and I need to get moving! I don’t have time to… Read More

How to SkyRocket Your Productivity in Your Business

Last week I gave you a system to follow-up with potential clients in your business. Since sales is one of the most important part of your business, and perhaps the part you cringe at and skip (I’m watching!), the tracking system will help you follow-up in a non-intimidating way. I hope you’ve tested it by… Read More

The Best Way to Solve Problems in Business and Life

Today, I want to talk about becoming a problem solver. So often, we think of problems on a case-by-case basis. We wait until a problem crops up and then focus on how to solve it. But we have to look at our lives and businesses in a different way. Learn to become a problem solver… Read More

3 Keys I Used to Turn My Business Around

Today I’m going to reveal the 3 keys I used to turn my business around from no money to multiple six figures. I had to have the guts to get support to finally get the results I want – and what I’ll give you are the exact strategies I’ve used and that I pay my… Read More

I Struggled For a Year to Get Results. You Don’t Have To.

I received a flood of emails from business owners like you, who share the same struggles: How do I increase prices without scaring clients? What should I focus on each day? How can I double my revenue? How can I get organized and manage myself? Some of you wanted answers and signed up right there,… Read More


Have you ever done something so embarrassing you cringe every time you think about it? Last month I took a phone meeting with someone influential despite a feeling of dread from the moment I scheduled the call to the day of. Five minutes into it I knew it was a bad move. My heart sped… Read More


Well that was fast, wasn’t it? I blinked and landed in 2013. It goes by far too fast for me, but then, it always does. The magic of the holidays replaced by a new, subtler magic – the space and possibility only a new year can bring. Relief that comes from a new chance to… Read More


Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by multiple projects? Trapped by your own ideas? That you’ve taken on too much, working on ten different things without finishing any? Is your computer riddled with half-written books and posts? I know. I get anxious just thinking about it.  But I had to think about it when Ross, an… Read More

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