Build a foundation that works FOR you, not against you.

There are many ways to build self-trust and self-confidence.

Even more ways to destroy it.

What you do today will deliver a result tomorrow, so clean-slate your mind and build a foundation that works for you, not against you.

Here’s a list of affirmations to guide you through your day. Note: They’re not orders or directives – this is NOT a chore. It’s a choice.

Today I choose to trust myself, not question my every decision.
Today I keep it simple & easy, and don’t overthink. “How simple can I make it?”
Today I tackle inertia by doing one thing. I do not cower at my dreams.
Today I hit replay on my accomplishments, not my mistakes.

I get it right, self. A lot of times I do get it right.

Today I speak at the meeting FIRST, even though I’m nervous.
Today I send the email without doubting myself and editing it 10x.
Today I set a boundary and say, “No” when it doesn’t feel right.

Self-trust doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s inevitable if I keep going.

Today I control my day. My day does NOT run me.
Today I push through boredom & distraction. I don’t avoid it or give in.
Today I am NOT my habits.
Today I allow my feelings to wash over me not wanting it to be different.
Today I know, “If I keep asking questions, I can’t stay confused forever.”

You’ve GOT THIS.

Take back your energy from the places you’ve scattered it. One by one.

Take back your power and channel it to YOUR life, not other people’s.

Today, I am the movie-star of my life.

If I don’t take on the role, who will? Is there someone better equipped?

NO ONE is better equipped love, no one.

xx Ishita

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