Big Fat Indian Wedding + Saying Yes when you mean No + 14 yr olds

I’m not being hyperbolic when I say last night’s Blazing Q&A was my favorite so far. Hot damn. Your questions were truthful and challenging.

  • Help! I’m stuck with money. Nothing’s coming in & I don’t have prospects.
  • How can I react gracefully if something bad happens instead of getting so angry?
  • I’m growing and improving myself, but my partner isn’t at the same level or where I need him to be. How can I help him change to meet me how I need?
  • Where do you think entrepreneurs get stuck and what can we do about it?

Come on. These are deep Q’s! At one point I said, “I wish I knew the answer to that!” Ha! My advice isn’t for everyone. I’m real and tell it to you straight. That’s what I want when I’m stuck because it cuts through expert BS excuses. We dove deep & if you haven’t joined us yet, you’re missing out! I say that because I bring it AND I know your own brain is the worst place to stay if you’re stuck. Blazing Q&A call gets you OUT of your head so you can MOVE FORWARD.

Our next call is Weds April 18th, 2018 at 7pm ET. Mark your calendar now; don’t choose to stay stuck in something you don’t have to! Sign up here.

Personal Lesson I’ve learned 100 million times.
For the 100th millionth time I’m reminding myself – and you – fill yourself up before you even THINK about giving to someone else. Before you even *think* about it!

If you don’t fill yourself up – with energy, joy, time, rest, nourishment – COUNT ON not being able to give it. I know this I know this I know this. Society & family might’ve trained you to push yourself when you’re not sourced, but it’s a LOSING battle. You have bigger, meatier battles to fight.

It’s because my family and friends are important that I put myself first. The *only* way I can be present with them is if I’m full, rested & have fulfilled my responsibilities to myself. Only then do I enjoy chilling and only then do THEY get the best of me. Please do not email me “but what about sacrifice, Ishita?”

I’m not a big fan of the word, but it’s a part of life so I’ll address it.

I’m not saying don’t ever sacrifice.

What I’m saying is: most people ONLY sacrifice all day long forever.

And I am NOT down with that. Because all that does is…well…

Let’s clear up a big fat dangerous lie that most of the world has bought into, reason enough to stop doing it in the first place or at least question why:

Doing things for others when YOU are not full, is considered nice. You’re a “nice” person when you do that.

Uh….no you’re NOT.

You’re nowhere near nice.

What you are is angry, irritable, restless, impatient, distracted, resentful and a huge pain in the ASS who is NOT fun to be around.

People get the WORST of you when you are not sourced. That’s what happens when you feel obligated, scared, or guilty and say yes when you really mean no.

Your energy is your most important resource. You become a small, meek person when you’re constantly giving but have nothing to give. Coming from a co-dependent family and culture, training myself out of this has been my ticket to FREEDOM, JOY, and DEEP RELATIONSHIPS.

Okay, rant over. :)

Group Family Pic

He wears size ELEVEN shoes. WTH


My nephew turned 14! We ate fried chicken in Brooklyn and played basketball. I tried to play basketball but the kid’s gonna be 6’3” in a few years… so no bueno. I didn’t think it was possible, but I learned even more about Russell Westbrook + sneakers + Japanese street wear and is it me or do kids “these days” exude cool? I don’t know what my world was at 14 but I think I worried about my mustache, loved Bollywood, and rocked denim overalls & Docs. Still cool right?! I’m learning the art of reading between the lines & listening because of teenagers.

Looking like a BOSS


My sister’s getting married this summer! Ya’ll know I’m a twin right? My family is in FULL TILT Big Fat Crazy Indian Wedding, because Indians love nothing more than woman of marrying age doing the damn thing. :) We like any excuse to party which is exactly my ethos. Here are some styles of saris and outfits I’m going to copy and get made. Her guy is a dream and I’m so excited for their no less than 6 events(!) in Detroit.

I caught him imitating me. Cheeky!


My oh my how important this has become. Instead of being a butterfly, this year I’m deepening my friendships with a few of my core people and creating a new family of sorts. The love and joy I’ve gotten from being Leo’s God-mom is pretty spectacular; I’m still shocked how much I can love a thing that’s not my own, biologically speaking. Being with Sarah and Alex and Leo has become one of my most favorite pleasures of NYC.

A daily sun bath (dose of Vit. D) + daily dance party = keeps blues away and at bay. Don’t mess up your life and accidentally call me on a day I miss a dance party!

Roof terrace = major bonus.


A beautiful office space 100% leads to more productivity. NYC has some phat office spaces that I’ve been exploring. One thing remains true since the age of 10: give me floor to ceiling or as many windows as possible and lots of sun, I’ll camp out for days.

That’s all for this week’s roundup, folks. I’m nerding out on some stuff I’m creating for you next week, so I hope you’ll nerd out with me when it’s ready.

Have a great weekend.
xx Ishita

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