The Best Way to Solve Problems in Business and Life

Today, I want to talk about becoming a problem solver. So often, we think of problems on a case-by-case basis. We wait until a problem crops up and then focus on how to solve it. But we have to look at our lives and businesses in a different way.

Learn to become a problem solver at all times

A lot of people only seek solutions when things go terribly wrong. It’s ok (and important!) to buckle down when you have a problem. I once had one of my most valued and trusted employees quit. It was at this moment I had two choice. My initial reaction was to panic and spin out of control: What am I going to do? Why would she do this to me? How will I ever replace her?

But after I let those thoughts subside, I realized I could let this overwhelm me and consume my thoughts or I could hire another agency and move on.

This sets me on the path to fix something I didn’t know was broken. Once I found even a small solution, it was my job to say, “Well how can I avoid this from happening the next time? How can I make it better now so that I’m more prepared next time this happens? How can I even steer clear of a ‘next time’ here?”

How are you going to make it so that it’s easier for you to approach this next time and you’re not panicking each time something goes wrong?

It wasn’t easy (or intuitive) to have no money but hire my business coach. It wasn’t easy to stop renting out my apartment to make money. It wasn’t easier to talk to people about my business when I thought I could just continue to grow online. It wasn’t intuitive to push myself when I felt overwhelmed.

The key is to feel the urgency of how to solve and anticipate problems before they arrive and not just when they come – the best problem solving happens BEFORE the problem happens. This is what will take you to the next level.

When my business was starting to grow, I realized I needed NEXT LEVEL THINKING. I had to stop letting patterns and fear and self-doubt get in my way. When I made leaps, even when I wasn’t “ready,” that is when I really got the results I wanted. It was wild for me to see something totally different than what I thought actually led me to my results.

With love,

xx Ishita


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