Be the person who MAKES it happen

On Tuesday, I told you my story about how I felt like there was always something more for me. How wanting more got me closer and closer to the reason I was here.

Many of you shared your own stories with me too, about how you felt like BIG things were possible, even if you didn’t know what. You told me you understood the restlessness I felt and why I pushed to get more.

  • I got accepted into three different graduate schools in different tracks: medical school, clinical psychology, and photo school.
  • I worked with a big editorial photographer in Boston – not because I was great at photography, but because I wanted to be around the best. My final project, I made a documentary about a Nobel Peace Prize Winner.
  • I got into Seth Godin’s 6-Month MBA and joined his team after.
  • When I started my own business, I crossed multiple 6-figures in only one year.

I didn’t realize all these experiences were possible for me, but I just kept following that feeling of wanting more.

But, while I shared these experiences with you, I didn’t tell you what it took for me to get there… because that’s the harder part of the story to tell. “Getting there” was very hard and along the way I questioned everything.

Wanting MORE means that YOU have to be the one to go out and get it. You have to get through tests to prove to yourself how badly you want it.

This is the stuff people don’t want to talk about… but it’s the truth.

It was crazy for me to leap for the things I did. I was the most unlikely candidate for each and every experience, with too little skill or expertise when I started.

Med school: I spent lots of time and money trying to get in and comparing myself to others. Why couldn’t I be okay with the security of that path? How could I just walk away from financial success?

Photography school: I had a talent for telling stories, but not for taking photos. I interned with the best photographer in Boston, but I did it with huge self-doubt every day. And I had never interviewed anyone or gone near video before – I had to learn from scratch AS I made the documentary about the Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

Steve McCurry: I had no idea how to manage a studio when I called him up and said, “Hire me. I’ll take your studio to the top.” He said, “Who are you again?” I wanted to work with him badly but starting in such a high level environment was tough – reputation and expectations came built in.

Seth Godin: I cried every day during the program. I had zero marketing experience, so every night I’d go home and Google what we did that day to figure it out. I lost 15 lbs because I was so stressed. My engagement to my then partner ended. It was rough.

Running my own business: I had no clue how to do it when I first began. It didn’t happen overnight and without fear and doubt initially…

But despite my doubts, I KNEW more was out there, so I went after it. I did everything I could to make sure I had exceptional experiences with exceptional people.

Soon, one experience after another, I proved to myself: I WAS the one who “made it happen.” I was the one who went after MORE and got it.

And after years of continuing to shoot for it, now my default is “I AM her.”

And now it’s natural for me to operate like that.

Every experience now, whether a family meeting, or clients or MC-ing my best friend’s wedding – I try to show up as a leader because it makes me feel MORE.

Deep down if you feel it’s possible for you, it REALLY IS.

The way to get MORE is to BE the person who goes out and GETS it.

Not just so you know it’s out there, but because you DESERVE it. You become the person who listens to the voice inside and knows you not only can take leaps and get a seat at the table, but you deserve to.

But on the path to MORE you will encounter obstacles, rest assured.

Big tests to make you question if you really want to BE that person:

  • You’ll hear NO all the time. Other people will tell you to do it their way or give you a route that actually seems smarter for you.
  • You’ll feel scared and won’t know how to do anything at first. You’ll want all the steps clearly laid out, but won’t know how to get them.
  • You’ll wonder if something is wrong with you.
  • You’ll be your own worst enemy. You’ll start, stop, quit, start again, give up, give in, get back to it, compare yourself, doubt yourself.

It’s going to be hard. If anyone tells you it isn’t, they’re lying.

But even though it’s hard – sometimes excruciatingly hard – holding onto that feeling of MORE is what will get you there.

When you KEEP feeling like you ARE the person who makes it happen, that’s when it DOES happen.

I look back to my feeling of knowing there was MORE out there. I realize that I only found it by continuously, systematically, searching for it in one experience after another.

But I never would’ve found it had I played small in what I pursued. The only reason I got there was by trying and believing I was the person to do it, even when I wasn’t sure how.

You CAN be that person too. Who tests and tries and SEES that more is possible for you.

Even if you’re restless. Even if you’re doubtful.

Because I get it. My whole life was a mishmash of figuring out what “more” meant for me before I actually understood it. I never knew I could BE the person who GOT more, I just believed on some level it was possible, so I tried for it.

Because why not me?

Only by trying and leaping did I see that I really was that person.

YOU can be that person too, to go after your MORE and get it.

And it’s my mission to help you SEE that you’re THAT person:

  • Who gets MORE in your life and business. More freedom, more clients, more revenue, more opportunities.
  • Who’s the leader in your team, with your clients, and in your family.
  • Who’s confident, and powerful, and knows how to get what you want.

All of it can happen in the middle of feeling restless and doubtful.

Your past experiences don’t matter. Your current situation doesn’t matter. Wherever you are right now, if you’re feeling restless and KNOW that more is possible, it probably IS. The reason you feel it is because it’s waiting for you.

It took me over a decade to understand that my quest for MORE wasn’t just fueled by silly dreams. Now I actually see that every single thing I wanted I was meant to get and learn from. Each “more” took me to my next level.

xx Ishita

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