Are you inspired enough to stop procrastinating?


Can you relate to where I’ve been for the past two weeks, trying to finish a task and just not doing it no matter WHAT I try? I finally realized how bad it was when I started scrubbing the toilet, doing a deep clean of the bathroom. I’ll do my living room and kitchen, but when I start on the bathroom I KNOW there’s something I’m putting off.

After two weeks I knew that force alone and willing myself wasn’t going to cut it; I needed a new way to deal. One morning last week I woke up stress free, still thinking about the task but not feeling stressed about it. I completed my morning routine and though the task (organizing finances) was still at the back of my mind, out of the blue I had the desire to write out my goals and attach my finances to meaningful things to me. All of a sudden I excitedly wrote out my travel plans, business goals, the retreats I had planned this year and the money I’d spend on these things. Though technically I was looking at expenses, it was still very exciting to actually plan out my future realistically and include the things I wanted in it. An hour flew by without me noticing and I had a huge burst of energy.

After that hour I felt so relieved and actually joyful, that I instantly went to town organizing my finances and got it DONE. What I’d been delaying for weeks I finished (up to 80%) in an hour. It was a huge lesson to see how much I had been getting in my own way.

Ultimately, what opened up my energy was getting into my desires and what excited me.

Are_you_inspired_enough_to_stop_procrastinating_1Often we push ourselves to do something when what we REALLY need to do is get back into an excited or inspired state of mind.

The excitement, connected to your desires, releases huge energy and creativity to help you start DOING, and stop procrastinating.

If you’re going through what I did last week, try the following: Build a bridge to your creativity through what inspires and excites you. Take a break from forcing yourself and stop thinking about it. Do what helps YOU relax a bit and don’t worry about the thought that’s still at the back of your head. Leave it there. Take a shower. Go for a walk. Pet a dog.

One thing I needed to remember: Do NOT distract yourself. If you go to your usual devices to “unwind” like Facebook or surf the Internet or watch TV, this strategy of inspiration vs. procrastination won’t work. You’ll fall into the same spiral as always.

This time, you gotta be more committed to really breaking away and getting excited, than going to your default habits. It’s easier said than done, I KNOW, but once you actually do it you’ll have more space to breathe.

Then once you’re relaxed and excited, you’ll be able to tackle your task far faster and probably with more insight and intelligence.

Whatever it looks like for you, learn WHAT builds your bridge from stressed out to inspired and excited again.

Once you know yourself better, your energy reserves will open up so you don’t have to FORCE yourself, as much as gently tell yourself to do it.

xx Ishita

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