Are You Afraid of Your Money and Numbers? Do This Now.

Are You Afraid of Your Money and Numbers? Do This Now.


We’ve been on a kick this month to organize your business, thus, your life.

Or vice versa.

If you’re an entrepreneur, separating the two is a life-long process. I’ve gone from one extreme, setting hard boundaries between work and life, to the opposite – “I’m a lifestyle entrepreneur – my life and business MUST go together!”

Now I’m somewhere in between (maturity and mistakes do that to you) and instead of rules, I use systems and mindsets that feel good to me and within my business.

One of the biggest areas that requires organization and often can’t be separated between business and life, is money. Your numbers. Money you make. Money you spend. The stuff you avoid looking at. What scares you. Like sales, money is a huge driver of your life and the lifeline of your business – it’s (one) of the primary reason you’re in it and your biggest resource, next to time.

You NEED to look at your money, because you don’t just eat and live with it, when you think about it correctly, money gives you freedom of choice. The only reason I can work from anywhere, with anyone, and spend my time how I want, is because I looked at my money and made it a priority a few years ago. It didn’t just slowly become a priority, it grew into one because NOT focusing on money left me stressed, scared, and constantly worried.

If you’re in that boat right right now, I feel you.

A lot of people, not just entrepreneurs, hide from their numbers. But it’s particularly harmful for entrepreneurs because we use it to mean something about our ability in business. No money means we suck at what we do. No clients means we’re not supposed to be in business. Zeros a few months in a row means quit and get a “real” job. We feel shame, guilt, fear, and judgement around our money.

That’s why I’m giving you a tool today to take the shame out of your numbers.

Your money and numbers don’t mean ANYTHING, except how much action you take (or don’t take.) That’s it.

Mindset + How Much Action Taken = Healthy Money Story. 

It’s not about your abilities, it’s how you think and act about money.

So first, change your mindset. Do you feel you’re worth people paying you? If not, fix your belief now because no one will ever pay you if you don’t feel you deserve to be paid. Sounds simple enough, but we’re terrified to ask for what we’re worth. Do you feel like you’ll never have enough? Look at what you do have. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that your basic needs are met. Do you think there’s enough to go around? Or do you feel like your time will never come? Use other people’s success to propel your own. It is possible.

Start with gratitude.

Now, begin tracking your revenue and numbers. Really look at your expenses and your income each month. Use Excel or a simple spreadsheet to track the following:

Spreadsheet 1

  • Income: How much money do you bring in each month? The more specific you are, the better. You need an accurate number for what you made over the last 6 months.
  • Expenses: including your fixed and variable expenses.
    • How much are you spending each month to live and run your business? What about vacations, entertainment, etc.?
    • Think about your necessity number, the most basic number you need to live on each month including rent, food, and clothing, and business operating expenses. Once you know your necessity number, you have a REAL picture of how much you spend and what you actually need to live.
  • Do not stay in vague confusion about your numbers. Get specific and confront your numbers head on. You will feel much more in control once you do.

Spreadsheet 2

Daily Revenue: This is exactly how much money you make every single day. If you’ve just started in business or aren’t making much, this can be scary. Days of seeing zeros is not fun. However, even when I made no money, I still tracked. It took a lot of courage, but it saved my life. It forced me to get real instead of feel helpless, and see how little I was actually doing to make money.

No wonder money wasn’t flowing – I wasn’t doing anything or taking any action that led to it! I got into action, stopped feeling shame, and used my numbers to take as much action as possible.

I changed my circumstances instead of waiting for them to change.

The tracking method can also be applied to your life, by the way. Use the image above, which is my weekly life tracker. I track how much water I drink, if I exercised and did my morning routine, if I called my family. It’s true that what gets measured, gets improved. To change what your life and money look like, you have to actively track and notice it.

So where are you isolating and not looking at your numbers? How about other areas in your life you know need attention?

To no more hiding (because there’s no need to)…

xx Ishita

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