How to Achieve Business Success: 3 Keys to Amplify Your Confidence and Revenue in Business

Over the past few weeks, I’ve spoken to many of you 1:1 about your business. While some of you are rocking it with confidence (go you!), some of you aren’t seeing the business results you want.

On our calls, I’ve shared personal stories with you about how I turned my business around, from making no money (and embarrassingly renting out my apartment to make rent), to a consistent six-figure business.

The more we talk, the more I want to talk to share with you.

People think this stuff happens overnight, but it doesn’t. They say “How did you do it?” “How did you build a successful business doing what you love?”

Did? I’m still doing!

I do it every day because I KNOW I’m responsible for my business and my life. It did NOT happen overnight.

I had to learn, step by step, how to make my business work for me – with clients, consistent revenue, and with an impact.

I know many of you will learn from what I shared because you’re asking the same Q’s:

  • How do I get over the fear of asking for money in my business?
  • How should I price my services so I feel good AND I earn consistent revenue?
  • What should I focus on during the day? Tweeting, blogging, emailing?

Sometimes even smart, ambitious people (like you and I) struggle to make a living. I was the poster-child for this. I wondered why, when I first started my business and had a trusted brand, I still wasn’t “surviving.” I worked hard but had no money or clients to show for it. I was scared, because I saw all my friends and colleagues moving ahead.

I learned that nothing was wrong with me, I just lacked the right mindset and model to create success. And once I learned the tools, I turned my business around fast.

There’s no way I could run the business I run now without learning these keys.

  • How to create the right mindset for success: I’ll show you the attitude you need to create opportunities for yourself, and build trust with clients, colleagues, and influencers.
  • How to make more revenue: I’ll show you how I went from making zero to five figures in one month, and show you how to consistently earn revenue each month in your business.
  • How to boost your results: I’ll show you how to focus on the RIGHT activities in your business by creating systems that bring you more of what you’re looking for. This helped me build 6-figures in one year, instead of struggling for 2-3 years.

They have transformed my business and what I thought I was capable of. You can feel the same and hear how other entrepreneurs (including me) have struggled and learned to get to the next level in our business.

You’re not doing it “wrong.” You’re just missing the keys to doing it “right.”

I’ll see you there. xx Ishita

PS: I spent last week in Detroit with my parents and then in Florida with my boyfriend. I have the time and freedom to do work I love from different places, and I count this blessing every day. BUT…I had to get here. I had to LEARN to create my ideal lifestyle.

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