5 Ways to Manage Stress When You Encounter New Problems

Today’s video gives you 5 ways to manage your stress, especially up against new problems. Regular problems are a part of being human; they annoy you, but you’re trained to manage because they come up daily. Thank god for regular problems? HA!

New problems, however, make your system work hard because your circuits aren’t wired to solve them yet. New pathways must be developed, new emotions confronted. You’re an old problem champ, but new problems make you a…. beginner.

I used to haaaate being a beginner, but that was because I hadn’t taken the long-game view of my life yet. [Thanks Pres Obama for that view. I talk about it in the video.]

I recently became a beginner again when someone hacked our website and the entire site was in Chinese. Aye. Then on Sunday I found out our internal, confidential business files were being used and shared by an agency we hired years ago. WTF WTF WTF. Watch today’s video to see how I managed those two NEW tech & security problems on top of an already full business & personal calendar.

Spoiler alert: I LOST MY SHIT. But I also noted down KEY things I did to *really* ease and transform my stress.

Here’s some of what I share in the video:

  • How to give immediate attention to the situation by taking action & calming down.
  • How to release intense emotions from your system.
  • What I did specifically to calm down and find a solution.
  • Two videos that helped me steer clear of old habits: sugar and numbing out.
  • How to not burn your entire life down when something goes majorly wrong.

The hack came on top of transitioning roles in our team, setting up new operations, launching a business training program, helping my sister plan her wedding in a few months, organizing a friend’s baby shower in two weeks, and celebrating my nephew’s birthday the same day we were solving the hack.

On a good day, that’s a lot. In one weekend? It’s an, “Are you serious God?!” level of stress that demanded a whole new internal state & self management. STAT.

If you’re going through a stressful situation right now, watch the video to use one or all the strategies to transform your stress levels today. I share exactly what I did so hope you find it practical to implement.

xx Ishita

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