4 Ways to Get Your Energy Back Now…Or Learn the Hard Way Like I Did :)

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Onto today’s post.

I had to learn energy management.


Because for years I didn’t manage it. I learned the HARD way: I got sick from burnout & adrenal fatigue. Lost my vitality & playfulness, emotionally exhausted. Felt like a failure even though I worked HARD.

For a few years it felt like I’d really gotten on the wrong damn bus!

What I had to do was learn & TRAIN how to figure it out, take responsibility, and sustain myself while enjoying my life, not just sleepwalk through it.

I had to think DIFFERENT and it had to happen fast; throw out the bad beliefs and bullshit excuses that weren’t working for me. I did what I had to do.

I learned and read and trained. I practiced and screwed up and tried again.

I learned to fill up my tank, manage my thoughts, & regain my enthusiasm. I practiced. That’s when my business grew, people and opportunities came my way, wealth grew, and life started to FLOW.

In today’s video, I give you specific ways to pay attention to your energy so it grows. Give it your attention and SEE how it works for you. Don’t just trust me, try it in your life so you get your own first-hand experience.

Here’s what I share in the video:

1. Know YOUR energetic baseline first.
Do you know how you personally feel when you have a lot of energy vs. a little? Are you naturally energetic? What activities give you energy vs. drain it? My natural baseline is enthusiastic and happy. I know if I don’t feel that way, either my chemistry or my energy’s off; I’ve proven it to myself by testing it for many years. Make a log and track yourself: when are you energetic and what activities make you feel less energy than you’d like?

2. Decide what’s currently zapping energy from your life.
Could be hard conversations or emotional issues you aren’t dealing with; these are dams FULL of potential energy. If you’re going through trauma, grief, or unraveling co-dependency, you need a TRUCKLOAD of energy. And find out who’s a battery: someone who recharges you vs. someone who’s a blackhole: sucks all the energy out of you. You can’t change people, but you most definitely can change how often you engage them. In the video, also find out the big/small ways you might be giving away your energy, like when I stopped smiling at people on streets. I’m not saying be rude.

3. Identify where and how you leak energy at work.
Don’t let decision fatigue kill your productivity by making too many decisions before you even start your high-impact work. Deadly.

4. Get your diet, fitness, and sleep in check to understand your energy.
Honestly, I don’t know HOW I learned this so late in life. I wish I knew it when I was 20 but c’est la vie. Changing my diet, learning what ideal sleep & fitness requirements are is now the FOUNDATION for how I perform & live optimally.

I have 3 more parts to the energy management piece, but I’ll save those for the Masterclass. You don’t just want to happen upon success by accident…or not at all because you mismanaged your fears, thoughts, and energy.

To get to your next level of performance & flow, you gotta KNOW YOURSELF and your energy. It doesn’t randomly happen on its own. Anything hard that you want to accomplish in life must start with YOU.

The goal of the Masterclass is to teach you what stopped me from working AGAINST MYSELF. Click here to join for free now.

  • To be myself in a world full of noise. It takes energy.
  • To do what I was CAPABLE of, not just bare minimum. It takes energy.
  • To build a business, create, and see success/results. It takes energy.
  • To heal, grow, and go through transition. It takes energy.

You know how SMALL you feel when you’re weak, tired, not taking risks. You become a shell of yourself, which is the the kiss of death, personally. That’s what we’re training you out of in this Masterclass.

You’re *already* working hard. Don’t let it be your mismanaged energy that takes you down: learn to HARNESS it.

Sign up here for the Masterclass next Wednesday April 18, 7pm EST.

It takes time to learn this. It’s not comfortable. Not easy. But once you learn it, things naturally become easier.

Don’t trust me, try it.

Energy is a current that runs through your life and mine.

Pay attention to it if you want to work with yourself, not against.

That’s how you get peace of mind. That’s how you work without getting flustered and anxious. That’s how you set boundaries and ENJOY your life, instead of just tromping through it waiting for the weekend.

Join me LIVE next week in the Masterclass. It’ll be LIVE. I’m pumped to see you there, teach you what’s helped me the most, and answer your Q’s.

I don’t hold back. I share my mistakes because no more accidental success!

xx Ishita

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