3 Ways to Reclaim Your Energy Now

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This month I can’t stop writing or talking about energy. I journal about it and take stock of my reserves every day: Did I manage it well today? Where did I squander it? What gave me energy vs. drained me? The few times I’ve significantly lost my energy makes me want to be a responsible steward of it.

Energy is my most precious resource, even more than time. It’s how I use my time to its fullest capacity. When I’m energized, I feel alive, I enjoy life. I’m more present: I can listen to someone without getting irritated and take on a project without feeling overwhelmed. When I feel lethargic and annoyed, I know I gave away energy I didn’t have in the first place.

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It took me some bad experiences to learn that not managing my energy had huge consequences. In 2014, it took me many months to recover from a ridiculous work schedule. Then last year, I focused on a family situation that wore me out. My energy levels were SHOT because for a full year I was anxious, unproductive, and angry.

I know what it’s like to lose energy, so I’m sensitive to and aware of my levels. I have to be clear about what does & doesn’t need my attention, and I’m fanatical about it. I limit or nix certain habits, people, and things that drain me and set boundaries when I need to. I say No a lot, which a lot of people around me really don’t like. :)

It used to matter to me, but now it doesn’t.

When I manage my energy well, I feel happy. When I don’t, I’m in survival mode.

If energy is tied up, so is creativity: it’s hard to generate ideas and use your imagination if there’s emotional and mental clutter. Just like a clean house invites guests in, a clean energy house invites in new ideas and fosters creativity. Your projects and ideas deserve to see the light of day! They’re bigger than you and require your energy – so give it to them instead of random attention-seekers. They’re waiting for you.

Here are 3 ways to free up your energy. Once you let those energy reserves loose, you’ll feel clearer and happier pretty quickly. You’ll be able to redirect your energy to focus on the right things: Your work and your desires.

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1. What requires your attention?
Small tasks – getting your car fixed or sorting through unopened mail – take up a LOT of mental energy. They seem small, but create a big pile of crap your mind somersaults over each time something new comes up if left unchecked. I’ve moved errands list to list for months before I noticed how bad I felt. But when I chose to make the time to actually DO THEM (or eliminate or delegate – blog post on this coming soon), I feel so much better. Major energy is freed up. I know until I take care of these, doing anything new with the old stuff running in the background will be futile.

2. What needs to die?
I get super frustrated when I do things I don’t need to do but I do anyway. Sometimes my days get completely caught up in this, which means I’m not doing what I’m really here to do. I feel hopeless and a loss of purpose, which I HATE feeling. For example: I don’t need to coach people over coffee right now. I get asked regularly but I don’t enjoy it (never have.) Often, my desire to “help” someone in need directly conflicts with how I can REALLY help them via my programs or writing.

I don’t need to go to family events where I don’t feel good, simply to get my parent’s approval. Sometimes, I feel I’m not “family-oriented” enough, but it feels bad when people judge me, which happens often. I don’t need to put myself in extra whack situations with other people. What do you need to stop doing to free up your energy?

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3. What do you want to create?
You’re not here to fill your life up with only worry and to-do lists. Ask, “What’s waiting to be created?” It’s an exciting question. I spent years with great ideas inside, because I was too focused on what I thought needed my attention. It didn’t. The great thing is those same ideas are still inside me, just like they are in you…waiting…

What’s the thing only you can create? What piece, article, product is waiting to come out of your curiosity and imagination? What ideas got ignored?

Don’t just manage your energy for the sake of managing it. Do it so you can CREATE & be responsible to your natural talents. You help others when you have a surplus of energy to do good work, feel happy, joyful, and a sense of pride in yourself.

A LOT’s at stake!

Your ideas are primed and ready for your attention; now’s the time to turn toward them.

When you’re excited about your future, you naturally manage your energy better. And speaking from experience, best manage your energy before it manages you. If you’re in an annoying situation or you feel anxious or tired, check to see if you’ve maxed out your energy; you’re not doing ANYONE favors by giving what you ain’t got. Listen to Iyanla!

Look at what needs your attention, what needs to die, and what you want to create. FRESH reserves wait behind these 3 questions like a hot towel from the dryer. When you answer them, creativity and peace of mind will come soon after.

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You and only you are responsible for your energy and where it’s tied up. When you get clear on this you’re a happier, more present human.

Let’s reclaim our energy to BE the power sources we really are.
xx Ishita

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