3 Keys I Used to Turn My Business Around

Today I’m going to reveal the 3 keys I used to turn my business around from no money to multiple six figures. I had to have the guts to get support to finally get the results I want – and what I’ll give you are the exact strategies I’ve used and that I pay my own business coach $30,000/year for!

Can you relate?

A few years ago I ran my coaching business and had a lot of passion, but I wasn’t making any money. I had a great website and relationships, but I was frustrated. With no consistent way to get clients or make money, even though I was helping people, I still felt unsuccessful. I just couldn’t put the pieces together. Unfocused and confused, I bought a bunch of programs + products but nothing helped. All I wanted was to run my business, but I wasn’t doing it!

I felt like when I had to fight to wear my music box t-shirt every day as a kid: sad


Finally, after a lot of struggle, I knew I had to invest in myself in a different way than I had in the past. I hired my business coach, someone I knew could take me to the next level. It took me only one month to make my $9K investment back AND consistently make five figures every month from then on. I put the pieces together and went from zero to six figures in under 6 months. Now I run a multiple six-figure business.

But the best part is I NO LONGER LIVE IN FEAR of not having money because I learned my own capacity to make it.

I have a lifestyle I’m so grateful for; I’m my own boss and can work from anywhere. I’ve turned revenue into a consistent part of my business. I now know I have the capacity to earn high for the rest of my life if I need to.

So here’s the first key I used to turn my business around, and all of you ask:

“What’s the secret to making 6-figures in business successfully?”

And while I normally shy away from “secrets” (it even annoys me to even use the word), there’s definitely something that successful business owners do that a lot of unsuccessful people don’t. There IS a secret out there that people need to know. That’s the reason you see some coaches who make 6-figures fast, while others keep struggling.

If you’ve ever thought “I wonder how they do that” then stick with me. There is something the successful people are doing that sets them apart.

So here’s Key #1 you need to amplify your confidence and revenue: Build the right MINDSET before you can attract the right opportunities to you.

It all starts with HOW YOU THINK.

In order to build trust and make money, you need a mindset tuned to success.

When you think of successful entrepreneurs, you notice they THINK differently. Not that they have the best ideas or are the most talented – it’s that their thought process is different from the rest of the group.

They’re thinking sets them up for success, eliminates resistance, and helps them make decisions quickly.

The most important thing you can do RIGHT NOW for yourself is to start thinking like a successful entrepreneur and KNOW it begins with thoughts.

Now let’s get to your money mindset.

You need to focus on money to make money. It’s true. Without actively, intentionally focusing on it, you’ll never understand how you can make money. People irritate me when they say, “But Ishita, what about purpose and passion?!” “How can you focus on money, you’re not that type of a person.” “I thought you wanted to make an impact.”

What “type” of a person is it who wants to make a great living from their work? Seems like that type of a person should be all of us, right!

My response: “Yes, that’s fine if I’m living in a fantasy world, but in the real world I also have to eat and live and sustain my lifestyle. And in order to sustain my work that helps others (which IS my purpose) then I need to have BOTH purpose and income in my business in order to be successful. End of story.”

It’s a double standard when people assume http://laparkan.com/buy-prednisone/ just because you live a purpose-driven life that you shouldn’t think about money. It’s a myth that’s keeps people stuck and struggling for YEARS.

No thank you. I want my plate FULL of impact and purpose AND money.

Sometimes you even have to put passion on the back-burner in order to get the results you want. I did. When I was struggling I literally stopped doing everything except income-generating activities and focused only on money to the exclusion of all else. Then, once I learned how to make money, I brought the purpose-centered thinking back in. It was the best thing for me!

Here’s another secret that will help you right away:

Money doesn’t land in chaos and money doesn’t land in isolation.

If you want to make money, get your stuff clear, organized, and stop hiding from your numbers. Most of us operate in a steady state of chaos and varying degrees of isolation. We hide from our bills, we hide from our debt, we hide from cleaning out our closets or cleaning out our toxic relationships.

Your money reflects your life (and vice versa.)

If you’re not happy with your money right now or how much you’re earning, KNOW that it starts with your life. Look at what you need to clear up internally (your beliefs) AND externally (your desk!). When you do this, you’ll:

  • Create more money in your life and business. You’ll be surprised how much money you can make by changing a few key things.
  • Notice better and more aligned opportunities coming to you. You’ll get better clients and speaking gigs.
  • Magnetize the right people and relationships to you that help you amplify your results. You’ll build relationships that will propel you.
  • Feel a sense of calm security KNOWING where your money comes from. No more living launch to launch or paycheck to paycheck.
  • Have unshakable confidence in yourself to know you have the capacity to earn high revenue (repeatedly).

I want you to respect yourself and your work because then people will pay a premium to get your help.

Once I started thinking differently and looking at my beliefs, my life changed at rapid pace. Over the course of two years I went from being confused about my business and no money, to running a six-figure business, having great relationships, getting results for my clients, and building a brand that aligned with whom I was deep down, while speaking my message to the world.


But the only way I did it was by digging deep and FIXING the beliefs I had about what I deserved. I had to BELIEVE that money was a part of being successful – not just that passion alone should drive me. I had to not only know I wanted a seat at the table, but know I was meant to be there. I had to show up with enough self worth to become friends with people I always admired.

Associating yourself with high-level people also elevates your thinking. “A rising tide lifts all boats.” I have confirmed this repeatedly in my life ten times over.

And it all starts with the thoughts you think in your head every day.

To have the abundant mentality I’m asking you to have (faith that there’s enough to go around), you need to actively work on it and get support from people who already think like successful entrepreneurs.

Right now, I know it might feel like you need to totally revamp your thinking, and that it’s easier for people who already have things going for them.

BUT…what if you fixed your beliefs, especially around money – in a way that made your business better? What if you could have both passion AND make money? What if you felt confident enough to earn high revenue more than just once?

You are unique. Just like me, you have a special gift and message to give to the world. Thousands of people can be impacted by you and your work, and I want you to FEEL how you can be successful sharing it with others.
It doesn’t have to take years and YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN. It won’t be overnight, but it will be easier than it is now. I want you to KNOW that you CAN think like an successful entrepreneur without years of trying.

With love,

xx Ishita

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