Ishita Gupta

I’m Ishita Gupta.

I help you find your voice and build confidence into your life + business.

I work with private clients and groups on leadership, high-impact sales and marketing, and building your voice and self-confidence. I didn’t come from a family of entrepreneurs or a culture where self-expression was encouraged. I learned from scratch, hard experiences, and worked out my problems guerrilla-style until I could trust myself. Self-help and self-reliance for the win.

3 ways

we can work together

Breakthrough Mastermind 
[Clarity + Freedom in Business & Life]

11 months of private training and personal coaching with Ishita. Key training in sales, marketing, leadership, speaking, clients, revenue, using your voice, storytelling, business systems, confidence, strategy.


Breakthrough Group
[Build Step-by-Step]

6 month program with weekly personal coaching led by Ishita, to take your life and business to the next level. Focus on business foundations and breaking it down step by step, but do it with entrepreneurs and people just like you, learning step by step.


Private Intensive
[Clarity & Strategy Now]

A 1-3-hour intensive for a specific challenge or question. Designed to arm you with tools and strategy you can deploy now to solve your problem. For folks overwhelmed or burnt out by over-thinking, unclear decision-making, vague marketing and sales, etc. Designed to give you clarity quickly.



what people say

Ishita’s insights into my professional + creative blocks have astonished me, and she has made me value myself and my work more highly. If you’re looking for someone to hold you to your goals without compromise and inspire real confidence, work with her. She is fearless + powerful.


FOUNDER, The Open Heart Project  AUTHOR, Wisdom of a Broken Heart

Ishita helped me get serious results. I came to her with major resistance in my career, but she worked with me at every level to help me push past my self-doubt + fears; In a few short weeks I got my first paid booking! Ishita finally gave me the impetus I needed to create the career I always wanted but I couldn’t see my own blocks until she helped me. In three weeks I broke down my business goals, crafted offers, created a website and had my first paid gig! It’s only progressed from there – I’ve now performed alongside my role model in one of the most respected shows in the city!



Ishita Gupta is a freak of nature—in the best way possible. Do whatever it takes to make sure she’s in your corner.


AUTHOR, The $100 Startup

The great thing about Ishita and working with her is that she shows up as herself. A lot of people don’t. She brings her full package — savvy, professionalism, gift for hoopla– but she also brings her real self, and that makes everybody else bring their real self too. The work is ten times better + a lot more fun.


AUTHOR, The War of Art + Turning Pro

Ishita has the innate ability to help you see your choices without feeling boxed in, especially when your heart wants you to go in one direction, and society wants you to go the other. She offers real, raw insight because she’s been there before and has been willing to make hard decisions herself. Only people who’ve looked fear square in the eye and done battle can lead with authenticity, and Ishita’s done it 100 times over.



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