You can’t have THIS if you don’t DO this.

Today we’re talking about risk, baby. Risk. Risky business.

Risk AND reward. Not risk versus reward.

The difference isn’t subtle; it’s made a HUGE difference in my life.

I’ve learned that risk and reward do not compete with each other; they’re not in contrast but go hand in glove. They rely on each other. Profoundly.

The things I’ve wanted, really wanted in my life, I’ve always had to exert muscle for.

My best professional opportunities always involved risk, usually a HUGE amount. I’ve thrown my hat into the ring feeling like a complete idiot, only for it to turn out in my favor. Or way better. The world becomes magical and expands your capacity to receive.

The amount of times intuition, hunches, risks, “maybe’s” or “let’s just try it’s” have worked is evidence enough for me to believe in the validity of RISK. Sounds ironic, but I trust risk now.

Watch today’s video on why to take risks and the rewards that will come from it.

But recently I’ve noticed a pattern rampant among humans:

We WANT things but we HATE HATE HATE taking risks.

We absolutely hate it.

We hate that it makes us feel small and confronts our habits. We hate that we might look stupid or get rejected…publicly.

Inside, we crave feeling big and bold and delighted and rewarded…but we wake up wanting to stay comfortable and “I’m fine right here, thanks very much.”

We have lots of desire, but we’re not willing to take the risk to get it.

So our life is filled with tension.

We’re used to getting things that only feel half-good. And things that require only half of our whole selves.

Half-half sucks the living daylights out of you.

The hard truth is that we can’t stay exactly the same and also get the very best life has to offer.

The only solution to “How do I get what I want when risk sits squarely in my way of obtaining it?” is to ask:

Am I focused on how scary risk feels or am I focused on how great the reward will feel?

The thing that fuels you out of this state is to feel excited about your new future. When your curiosity for what’s possible overcomes your fear, that’s the sweet spot where the part of you that’s dying to come out actually does. And it makes your life wild and amazing.

Crumbs don’t work anymore. “Give me more!” you ask from life.

Approaching risks with caution is completely legit.

But maybe today, just today, you can approach it Willy Wonka style, curious and open to what’s behind the strange-looking door. There’s a world of magic waiting for you. It’ll equally delight and scare you, and it’s better than you could have imagined.

Life becomes a dance when you approach it like this. You tango between fear and excitement and things you didn’t know were possible; I wouldn’t tell you unless I’d felt it myself.

If you’re ready for 2017 to genuinely feel different, I urge you to embrace risk. See how you feel when you do.

Yes, you’ll feel uncomfortable.

Yes, you’ll hate it.

Yes, you’ll feel stupid. And embarrassed.

You’ll want to run away.

And then you’ll remember how it feels when you said exactly what you were scared to say before…


How it feels to finally connect with Her…

You walk on air.

How it feels to hit “send” when you’ve pushed your limit…

Nothing can shake you.

You’ll remember…

If you want it, you’ll have to risk to get it.

How beautiful is it to know that now, not 20 years from now?

xx Ishita